Growing Your Business Through Netwalking

Growing Your Business Through Netwalking

Photo of Elaine Hutchison who wrote this Netwalking guest blog
By Professional Writer, Elaine Hutchison


Netwalking and Wellbeing

Growing your business through Netwalking is fast becoming the smart persons choice of combining business with wellbeing.

It’s a great way to blend meeting people from the business community whilst getting your step count in and getting a healthy dose of fresh air to blow those winter cobwebs away.

And in my last blog about Networking, I wrote about the benefits of organisations such as BoB Clubs, and how this is a great way of growing your connections through meetings and 1-2-1’s.

However, during these difficult times when Network Organisations have had to adapt and be flexible, the traditional face to face meetings have been out of the question.

Zoom has become the meeting room of choice, and the nearest thing you get to a personal connection is seeing a lot of faces in boxes on a screen, whilst trying to ensure a stable home Wi-Fi connection and limit the family interruptions!

Getting Into Netwalking

So, when I joined BoB Clubs North West a few weeks ago as a Professional Writer and the idea of Netwalking came up, I was all for it.

A chance to go out in the fresh air, meet new people and talk about what I do? Who wouldn’t want to jump at that?!

Little did I know how inspiring it would really be!

Netwalking with Rossendale BoB Club

The first Netwalk for me was with Gemma Sanchez from Grow Your Mindset.

It was on a Monday morning when I was feeling particularly sluggish, (who doesn’t on a Monday at 8.30am?!) and I was honestly wondering what Netwalking actually meant. Did I have to be all corporate and remember my ‘sixty second pitch’?

I needn’t have had any concerns! I was greeted by a beaming smile and warm hello, and Gemma and I set off for a motivating couple of hours walking over the Glen Playing Fields at Waterfoot in the early morning sunshine.


Football pitch photo where Elaine had her first Netwalking session

We chatted about anything and everything, including families, speaking Spanish, the education system and what makes somebody good at what they do.

There was nothing forced, we were both genuinely interested in learning about each other and with that, each other’s business.

And I definitely knew then I would be up for another Netwalk sooner rather than later!

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I set off again, this time with Christine Smith from Body Shop at Home and Dan Buckley from P4otos.

We covered an energetic 4 miles of beautiful Rossendale countryside and if ever the Crowded House song ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ was going to be a fitting theme tune, this was it!

It was beautiful sunshine as we set off, then we had torrential down pours, mixed with hailstorms, then back to the sunshine again!Photo of Dan Buckley, from P4otos, Christine Smith, from Bodyshop At Home and Professional writer, Elaine Hutchison, during their wet netwalking walk

At least when we arrived back at our cars we had dried off!

And it was truly exhilarating!

The Future of Netwalking

So, as the current Covid restrictions are hopefully coming to an end, and we are all slowly grinding the gears again for face-to-face meetings, what does the future hold for Netwalking?

Personally, I think it will go from strength to strength!

Sure, we will all go back to those breakfast meetings, although hopefully in the interest of the environment and managing our own time more effectively, there will be a hybrid which includes using Zoom or a similar digital platform alongside.

But more importantly, it seems we have all grown to love the great outdoors in a way that didn’t exist before and personal wellness has climbed up the corporate agenda.

And not before time.

According to the HSE, in the time period 2019 /2020 a staggering 38.8 million estimated working days were lost due to work-related ill health or non-fatal workplace injuries.

With the financial impact resulting in over £16 billion lost. And this is before the pandemic figures are taking into consideration!

So if there are ways in which we can mitigate this loss that are beneficial to health and wellbeing, and that includes Netwalking, it will hopefully be encouraged and grow as a great way of doing business!

From large corporate organisations with multiple employees down to sole traders, everybody can benefit one way or another from Netwalking.

And it can be half an hour taking in the City vibe, or 2 hours yomping in the countryside, wherever you Netwalk, the impact can only be a positive one.

Find Out More

So, if you like the idea of growing your business through Netwalking and you need to connect with like minded business individuals, then why not look up your local BoB Club here or for Rossendale in particular, you can contact Tracy on  07812 076946.

You will be able to meet businesses looking for connections and get out in the great outdoors at the same time.

And what better way is there to grow your business than that?


Guest Blog Written By Professional Writer, Elaine Hutchison.  Contact Elaine directly here.

Photo of Elaine Hutchison who wrote this Netwalking guest blog

To find out more about networking, networking training and winning business through referrals, contact Tracy Heatley.

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