Business Networking Training Workshops

Share ideas and learn practical skills in our fun and friendly business networking training workshops.

Whether you are new to networking or already think you’re a pro, if you would like to improve your networking skills, then these workshops are for you.

Join with other professionals in your local area to learn confidence hacks and communication techniques that will have you shining in your networking groups and at all your events.

These half day workshops cost just £197.00 per person!

What Happens in our Business Networking Training Workshops?

The workshops are delivered by me, Tracy Heatley.  I have over 20 years of networking and marketing experience and I know how to network well to get results. You can read more about me here.

The interactive sessions will be a bit like networking in themselves, so you can learn in the right environment. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all different businesses, with different levels of networking experience.

Networking is all about building relationships with others and solving each other’s problems, which is exactly what this course will deliver.

But you will also have the opportunity to learn and practice some really easy and helpful techniques that will instantly make you a better networker.

For smaller workshops, you will have exclusivity for your business sector, so you won’t be divulging business information in front of your competitors.

Looking for individual business networking training? Have a look here instead.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding communication
  • Effective listening
  • How to build rapport
  • Giving presentations
  • Assessing customer traits
  • Spotting opportunities
  • 60 Second master class
Tracy Heatley head and shoulders image

Hi, I’m Tracy and I run Better Networking. I’m fanatical about the power of networking and believe with the right coaching, everyone can be an effective networker. These workshops use my vast NLP skills, networking experience and marketing know how to deliver results.

Get in touch with me to find out our Business Networking Training Workshops dates and book on.