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The Strategy Cycle

Hi, I’m the small business specialist, Tracy Heatley, creator of The StrategyTracy Heatley creator of The Strategy Cycle™ Cycle™ Model. Overall, The Strategy Cycle™ is your route to having a Better Strategy for your business. Especially if you’re struggling with mapping out the direction for your business or marketing growth. Consequently, like many small business owners, you may be suffering from  Sporadic Marketing Syndrome™? Firstly, do you feel stuck when it comes to choosing the right direction for your business and marketing? Secondly, are you occasionally overwhelmed at the thought of working on your business when you’re so busy working within it?

The Better Strategy Approach

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Indeed, my ‘Better Strategy’ approach will give you clarity, direction, and focus. Moreover, you’ll have a strategy that works for your overall business goals. I can help you set and align your business objectives too! Most importantly, we progress at a pace that suits you and the infrastructure of your business! So, whether you’re a solopreneur or a high growth company, my methods will work for you.

Get Ready For The Strategy Cycle Program™

Get ready for an easy-to-use and jargon-free program to create a robust business and marketing strategy! Plus, you’ll have me, Tracy Heatley, one of the UK’s most qualified and experienced Chartered Marketers and Chartered Managers, as your mentor, trainer, and accountability buddy.  I’m here to guide and support you through your Strategy Cycle™? This  program is designed to provide small business owners, like you, with comprehensive strategies that encompass all aspects of your business. Creating a ‘Better Strategy’ – the rocket fuel and marketing momentum your business needs to survive and thrive.

History Of Success

I’ve been using my pioneering model with my international marketing mentoring clients with huge success. Now, in addition to one-to-one mentoring, I offer online group grograms, and onsite support that will help small business owners, like you, and your teams, to apply the model in your own business.

Here’s a sneaky peak of ‘The Strategy Cycle’™ model.

Tracy Heatley's Strategy Cycle Model for the Strategy Sprint Group Mentoring Program

Your Strategy Cycle Model focuses on four key components:


Achieve your business and marketing goals with a comprehensive strategy that addresses your current situation, future ambitions, and all external and internal factors affecting your success. Effectively manage your internal or outsourced team and resources to drive your business towards its desired destination. Essentially, I’ll guide you on the path to a strong and successful business through strategic planning and marketing expertise. Furthermore, I’ll help you build a solid foundation for your future business and marketing plans.


Outlining objectives, setting and sticking to budgets, preparing a timeline for achieving your goals, getting the right people involved, in the right places, at the right times. Chiefly, this program will give you a robust marketing strategy and plan that suits your customers, resources, and internal capabilities.


Making sure all processes are in place, managing resources effectively, understanding customer needs and wants, and ensuring your business meets those needs. All this, as I guide you through launching your marketing communication campaigns.


Importantly, I will help you understand what is working in your business and why. Additionally, showing you ways to create new opportunities to grow, managing risk effectively, and ensuring your business remains competitive. During our time together, you’ll also be given ways to monitor the effectiveness of your  strategies, so that you can ascertain what’s working and make necessary changes.  No more untapped opportunities or wasted resources because the Strategy Cycle Program™ will keep you on the track to success.

Who is The Strategy Cycle Program For?

Whether you’re just starting out as a new business, you want to grow without new employees, or you’re looking to expand with high growth, The Strategy Cycle™ Program provides comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guidance that can be tailored to any small business.  Contact me, Tracy Heatley, to find out more information and get started with the Strategy Cycle™ Model!

About Tracy Heatley

I’m Tracy Heatley (MBA, FCIM, FCMI), an award winning business professional. Since I have ran my own businesses for over twenty years, I understand the opportunities and limitations that can impact your business and marketing strategy.  Therefore, I’m also familiar with the emotional ups and downs of running a small business. Plus, the importance of having the right mindset for success. For this reason, my approach is based on understanding that you may need to work on your business, whilst working within your business. I totally get this and I have ways that you can do both!

Get Started Now

You can sign up to start working on your ‘Better Strategy’ now. Then, I’ll be with you every step of the way. If you’ve still got unanswered questions, get in touch  now and I’ll be happy to help.

Tracy Heatley making book review notes on TED Talks The TED Official Guide To Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

Hi, I’m Tracy Heatley! I am the creator of The Strategy Cycle Model™ and I look forward to sharing this with you to help boost your business and help you achieve your goals.