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Welcome to the Latest News page, which highlights recent news stories.  Together with events, activities, media coverage, and notable goings on, this page will bring you all you need to know about Tracy Heatley.  Specifically in relation to recent activities.

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Tracy Heatley Featured as Industry Expert About Exit Strategy

Tracy Heatley Featured as Industry Expert About Exit Strategy when she’s interviewed by award winning jouranlist, Rosie Murray-West. Rosie Murray-West’s Article In a recent Startups article by business journalist, Rosie Murray-West, Tracy Heatley is highlighted as an industry expert. She’s discussing the crucial importance of considering an exit strategy when starting a business. The article underscores the wisdom of contemplating…

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Unleashing My Inner Maverick

Unleashing my inner Maverick as a Guest Writer for The Maverick Paradox has created an unstoppable ripple effect! Unleashing My First Article Since my first article,  “Have Sporadic Marketing?“, was published by The Maverick Paradox in April 2023, I’ve been on a writing spree! Two more articles have already been published, and there are more to come.  Excitedly, I am…

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Tracy Heatley: Igniting Inspiration at Digital Women Live UK Conference

Tracy Heatley: Igniting Inspiration at Digital Women Live UK Conference: Empowering Women in the Digital Era Digital Women Live UK Conference In 2023, Tracy Heatley had the honour of being one of the keynote speakers at the Digital Women Live UK Conference. This event aimed to empower women in the digital era and featured a range of inspiring speakers covering…

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Published In Social Media Pulse

Published In Social Media Pulse: Tracy Heatley’s Workflows To Avoid Sporadic Marketing Syndrome article features in international publication Discover how to avoid Sporadic Marketing Syndrome with Tracy Heatley’s proven workflows, featured in the January 2023 edition of Social Media Pulse. As a trusted marketing expert, Tracy’s article has garnered widespread attention and acclaim, leading to a surge in her ‘Be…

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Sporadic Marketing Syndrome Went Global

Sporadic Marketing Syndrome went global as Tracy’s article is published by Social Media Pulse! What is Sporadic Marketing Syndrome? Sporadic Marketing Syndrome is a phrase I coined a couple of months ago, whilst recording my How To Avoid Marketing Mayhem podcast episode.  It sums up what many small business owners suffer from when trying to keep marketing activities consistent. Social…

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First TV Appearance

Tracy Heatley made her first TV Appearance. It was a secret goal for 2022 to get on TV.  I just made it! It was the night before Christmas Eve and the last day for people travelling home for Christmas.   Plus, there was a rail strike but that didn’t stop me travelling 250 miles to London to be interviewed on GB…

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Rossendale Business Awards MC

Tracy Heatley was the Rossendale Business Awards MC for the third year running!   Rossendale Business Awards 2022 Hundreds of Rossendale business owners attended, the Rossendale Business Awards 2022, held at The Ashcroft, in Whitworth. Undoubtedly, it was a momentous occasion, with lots of recognition for local Rossendale businesses.   The awards has been held for twelve years and in one…

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Brilliant Broadcaster Award

Brilliant Broadcaster award won by Tracy Heatley at the Freshies Business Awards 2022. Having been anonymously nominated for in two categories, including Nifty Networker and Brilliant Broadcaster, I was thrilled to win! Having had my Mind Your Own Business radio show for five years the recognition was lovely.  I launched my How To Be A Networking Ninja podcast in 2019. …

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