Michael Quigley’s Wholistic Happy Life is perfect for anyone who wants to be happy or even more happy than they are right now.  Sometimes, when we think about what we want it seems overwhelming.  What is happy anyway?  It’s often challenging to define, because happiness is different for each of us.

This book breaks things down, so that nothing is overwhelming.  This means that anyone can implement the authors suggestions at their own pace. After all, small steps are what help us to make quantum leaps!

This book leaves you with a sense of hope, gratitude and openness to allowing yourself to be happy. To feeling deserving of it!  Like anything, if you read it and don’t take on board the authors suggestions, then you’re not going to welcome the abundance of a happy life.  However, if you implement the guidelines presented, that’s the key to getting results!

We’re all at different stages in life, business and personal development, so read it at a pace that suits you, and implement the guidelines that are right for you, in your own time. You can always re-read it later and pinpoint different guidelines to suit your future self.

I’d highly recommend Michael Quigley’s Wholistic Happy Life!  You’re bound to feel happier and more fulfilled than you do right now!  It’s five stars from me!

If you want to learn more about the author, Michael Quigley, his Mind Your Own Business radio interview, with me, Tracy Heatley, is right here for you to listen to.  He talks more about the book during the interview too.

Do let me know your thoughts too.

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Tracy Heatley

Tracy Heatley writing a book review.