Alison Driver Protects Employers

Alison Driver protects employers from employees Mind Your Own Business interview, on Real Life Radio.  She talks all things business with Tracy Heatley.

Alison Driver

Alison Driver

Alison Driver is remarkable and inspiring, which made interviewing her thoroughly very enjoyable.

She has a long HR Career and spent years as HR Director, so she knows why employers need protecting from employees. When made redundant , Alison knew it was time to set up her own business. That’s when Metis HR was formed to provide outsourced HR services to businesses. ‘Protecting Employers From Their Employees’ is the Metis HR slogan.


Metis HR Logo

Metis HR

Metis HR was formed in 2011 and is thriving. With two hundred plus clients and a raft of recruitment, redundancies, dismissals, disciplinaries and grievances experience.  The company has evolved over recent years and now offers mediation services too.

Well known across the Rossendale Valley for protecting employers from their employees, Alison has grown the business through networking and local marketing. Alison talks about this and how she’s managed her business, colleagues and clients during the pandemic.

Tracy’s Thoughts

This radio interview presents a compelling and interesting overview of what it’s like to be a HR Consultant.  Plus there’s some sound HR advice for businesses throughout, so that you find it useful.

Employers will find this interview useful.  Especially, employers who want clarification on employment compliance, because it covers important aspects of employment law.

To sum up this interview in three words – insightful, integrity and inspiring!

Enjoy this Real Life Radio interview!


All The Best

 Tracy Heatley

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