Building A Million Dollar Team With Christine Smith

Building a million dollar team with Christine Smith, on Real Life Radio, with Tracy Heatley

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About Christine Smith

Here’s more about Christine Smith. With over 12 years experience with The Body Shop At Home, Christine Smith has climbed the promotions ladder, and become one of only a few Diamond Presidents, in the UK.

It’s fare to say that Christine has phenomenal business growth, which has been boosted even more during the pandemic.  This is classic tale of how adaptability, flare and creativity are crucial in times of distress.  Not only has Christine driven her business forward, during the pandemic, she has been an inspirational leader to her 4000 strong team of consultants.

During the pandemic, the whole business model of having house parties has taken a massive shift, but Christine and her team have embraced the change, welcomed technology and used her ‘Love Your Skin With Christine Smith’ social media more than ever to leverage success.

Find out more about how this mother of three young children discovered the Body Shop At Home and then went on to be lead one of the most successful direct sales businesses of today.

If you enjoy a humble story from redundancy to glory then this interview is definitely for you.

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Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a Body Shop At Home Consultant and you want to know more.

If you want to know more about how to grow a direct sales business then you need to tune in.

You could be fascinated by what makes successful business people tick.

Tracy’s Thoughts

I’ve always loved that no matter how successful Christine becomes, she always has her feet firmly on the ground.  I loved learning about building a million dollar team with Christine Smith. However, she’s never one to boast or take things for granted, because she is an honest and lovely person.  It was a pleasure to interview Christine Smith on my radio show and I hope you love listening to it.

Three words to describe this interview are encouraging, exceptional and exciting!

Enjoy listening to this Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business radio interview.

All The Very Best

Tracy Heatley 

Tracy Heatley on Real Life Radio