Caroline Harrington Gunnercooke Solicitors


Caroline Harrington Gunnercooke Solicitors


Caroline Harrington

Caroline Harrington, from Gunnercooke Solicitors, personifies everything that a private client solicitor should be.  She has experienced what many of her clients are going through, which is why she specialises in Wills and Probate. For Caroline, becoming a solicitor was about helping  other people, not about making money.

Caroline decided to become self employed in 2019, so that she could be in control of how she delivered her services to clients.

Gunnercooke Solicitors

Gunnercooke Solicitors is rather unique in its approach.  Rather than have employed solicitors, they have what they refer to as partners.  Essentially, solicitors are self-employed, using the compliance backup that Gunnercooke provokes.  This business model is working exceptionally well and partners are very supportive of each other.

Tracy’s Thoughts

Tracy’s thoughts – It was a pleasure to interview Caroline, because I learned so much about her motivations.  Caroline is a lovely person who clearly wants the best for her clients.

Caroline talks about her business life, family, hobbies and outlook. This is a remarkable and fun interview, because it will inspire other people within the legal profession.

You have simply got to listen, learn, laugh and love Caroline’s story about her journey to self realisation, happiness and job satisfaction.

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