Daniel Wilsher – From Trauma To Change

Daniel Wilsher went from Trauma To Change.

You know when you meet someone and you just think WOW!

Head and shoulders photo of Daniel Wilshire to show who he is

Daniel Wilsher

At 24 years old, Daniel Wilsher is taking the education and private business sectors by storm.  His no nonsense, humble and refreshing approach to public speaking and training about mental health in young people is original and inimitable, because it’s driven by his own experiences.

Damaged Goods Company LogoDaniel calls his business Damaged Goods, because everyone has aspects of their lives that are damaged in some way.  That’s part of what makes us human! It’s how people react and respond to our damaged areas that makes the difference, and makes us who we become.

Whilst he considers himself a work in progress, he has transformed his life from the depths of despair to repair.

Not only has he turned his own life around and controlled his own mental health problems, he’s now using all he’s learned to help other young people.  To say Daniel is remarkable is a huge understatement.



After losing his dad to suicide when he was 9 years old, Daniel suffered silently for many years.  When drugs and financial issues took hold, he too found himself in a position where taking his own life was a consideration.  Imagine the pain that he must have been in!

Now, all that has changed and Daniel has gone from damaged goods to all good.  He shares his story here with Tracy Heatley, on her Mind Your Own Business Show, on Real Life Radio, because he hopes his story will help others. .

Daniel Wilshire looking at his power point slide with the message, you have the power to turn the darkest moments of your life into shine!

Tracy’s Thoughts

Photo of Tracy Heatley writing down her thoughts about the Mind Your Own Business Interview With Daniel WilshireI cannot tell you how inspirational this interview is.  Daniel is down to earth, yet so wise for his years.  I describe him as a 24 year old with the wisdom of a 60 year old, and I’m not wrong.

If you’re a young person who is suffering, I urge you to listen to Daniel’s story.

You may be a parent or family member of a young person who is suffering from anxiety and mental health issues. You may find hope and clarity by listening.

Perhaps you’re a teacher or you work in education and you want to know how you can help the pupils within your school or college.  Honestly, you will not be disappointed if you listen to this interview.

There’s help available for you right now, so listen, take it in and take action by contacting Daniel Wilsher, from Damaged Goods!

If I were to use three words to describe this interview they would be wise, sensitive and emotive. Though, even those words don’t seem powerful enough to do Daniel, his business and this interview justice.

I truly hope that this Mind Your Own Business interview touches the hearts and minds of everyone who listens, but also helps those who need it to seek help, because no matter what, you’re never alone!

Usually, at this point, I’d say enjoy this interview, but enjoy is the wrong word to use here.  Simply listen, take it in,  keep an open mind, share what you learn and use what you hear to help someone else if you can.

No one is damaged goods forever; everyone can turn things around, but awareness training and knowledge are key.

Special thanks to Daniel Wilsher for laying your heart, experiences and life bare and sharing your story with us.

Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley