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Goal Centred Gina Cole on Tracy Heatley’s Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business Show


Gina Cole from Goal Centred Development recommends Tracy Heatley


About Gina Cole

Gina Cole is the Managing Director and founder of Goal Centred Development.

Specialising in organisational development and coaching for individuals and teams, Gina boosts outstanding performance.    With more qualifications than she boasts, organisations can be clear that Gina really is a master in her field, because of her years of training and experience.

Gina established her first business aged just nineteen and sold it a few years later.   This sparked a passion for learning and development and the rest is history.  Gina reveals all in this interview, so you will get a true understanding of Gina, what motivates her and how she assists her clients.


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Goal Centred Development

Goal Centred Development has a wide range of organisational development, leadership and management mentoring, Neuro-Linguistic Programming  talent management performance, change management initiatives and employee wellbeing services.

Every individual and every organisation is different, so the services provided by Gina Cole vary from one organisation and individual to another.


This Interview

This interview is best described as an honest account of Gina’s business journey, so you get to know her better.

You will listen to an honest account of Gina’s business story.  Plus it is packed full of sound business advice, so it will be interesting to anyone who has a fascination with business.


Tracy’s Thoughts

From beginning to end this interview is inspirational, honest and motivational.  Gina is open when it comes to sharing her history and learnings.

Not many people established a business aged nineteen!  Particularly before the world wide web was a thing, so I have the utmost respect for Gina.

I love the fact that not only has Gina spent her learning and development career enhancing her own skills, she is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

Three words that sum up this interview are friendly, frank and fun.

I know that you will enjoy listening to Gina’s story.


Very Best Wishes,


Tracy Heatley

Image of Tracy Heatley taking notes about Goal Centred Gina Cole's radio interview