Interacting With Darren Bentham

Interacting with Darren Bentham on  Real Life Radio.

About Darren Bentham From InteractDarren Bentham Profile Photo to show what he looks like

Here’s a little bit about Darren Bentham, who has been helping businesses interact online since 1990’s.   After setting, Interact-IT up in 2009, his business has expanded and his team has increased.

After training in artificial intelligence since 1994, Darren and his team have grown the services to include a full range of digital marketing, web, software, SEO and video animation services.

Interact-IT pioneers f the latest digital marketing techniques.

Darren Bentham’s Interview

Darren Bentham’s interview delves into his background and the realms of digitalInteractIT logo which is Darren Bentham's company logo marketing, so you get a clear understanding of his business.  As an expert in artificial intelligence and programming, Darren explains how artificial intelligence works and what we can expect in the future.

Business growth, building a team, leadership and the pros and cons of apprenticeships discussed, because they’re vital to success.

It’s a must listen for anyone interested in artificial intelligence, software, geeky tech, digital marketing and business.

Tracy’s Thoughts

Tracy’s thoughts are clear…Photo of Tracy Heatley writing down her thoughts and Darren Bentham's interview

I enjoyed interacting with Darren Bentham.  What I thought was going to be full of geeky tech talk that would leave me feeling out of my depth was quite the opposite.

I learned so much about software development and artificial intelligence, which I found exciting yet scary.


Best wishes, Tracy