Keeping Things Safe And Secure With Mick Dunne

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How to keep things safe and secure with Mick Dunne from Safecell Security.

About Mick Dunne

Don’t Mind Your Own Business – let’s find out more about Mick!

At 16 years old, Mick Dunne, knew that a career in security was the safe option for him. He talks openly about dealing with dyslexia, which is both interesting and humbling.

Mick shares details about how and why doing Youth Training Scheme (YTS)  suited his learning style and helped him thrive.

Not only did Mick work his way up through the ranks, he is now the owner of two successful Bury businesses,  Safecell Security and Authorized Access,  Both are family businesses that Mick runs alongside his wife, Kirsty Dunne.

Business Success Story

In my experience, you don’t always succeed in business without an element of risk.  Mick, discusses the risks he’s taken along the way to share the lessons learned.   This truly is an inspirational business success story.  From starting the business with a young family  to nurturing and training staff in order to grow the companies. Mick reveals all here!

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The Importance Of Apprenticeships

As someone who worked his way up the success ladder, Mick is and advocate for the UK Apprenticeships and he discussed the pros and cons of apprenticeships.  Plus his positive experience with Bury College and how he implemented an apprenticeship scheme.

Acquiring Another BusinessAuthorised Access Logo

I’m always intrigued by someone’s business journey, so to hear Mick talking about how he and Kirsty acquired Authorized Access, from liquidators, was fascinating.  Find out how this amazing couple, turned around Authorized Access from a loss making company to profitable within six weeks!

Who Is The Business Interview For

This interview is a must listen for anyone interested in business know-how and business success stories.  If you’re interested in the security industry, the UK apprenticeship scheme and how it works for businesses, then listen now.   If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to acquire another business and the business after effects, then look no further.  There’s also some valuable business lessons to be learned along the way too. If you’re a interested in business, there’s amazing business insight right here.

My Thoughts

I’ve known Mick Dunne for eleven years, so I’ve personally seen his business growth.  This made interviewing him even more special.  There’s nothing I find more inspiring than genuine successful business people.  This is why I love doing radio interviews so much.

Congratulations Mick and Kirsty!  I look forward to watching Safecell Security and Authorized Access Continuing to grow.

Hats off to you both!

If I were to choose three words to describe this interview I would choose authentic, amazing and admirable!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley


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