Lisa Edge, Sharing Lancashare!

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About Lisa Edge

This show is all about Lisa Edge, from Lancashare!  This wonderful woman not only has a good heart, she is a phenomenal business woman.  Lisa, who is the founder and CEO of GB Shared.  Her sole focus is to get businesses sharing and supporting each other.

Growing up, in Bolton, on the same street as Peter Kay, to raising five kids and being a foster mum, in Darwen. This amazing lady has transitioned from being a young teenage mum to entering adult education.  Then, going on to teaching, before going it alone when she launched GB Shared!

She really is a whirlwind of energy, tenacity, focus and determination!

Next stop:  Franchising! Wow!

GB Shared Logo to show the company branding for GB Shared

What is GB Shared

GB Shared is a multi functioning online platform that is a hub of information for individuals and businesses. The share platforms are for businesses to share and keep business within their own county.

Who Is this Interview For

Anyone who knows Lisa Edge, but wants to know more will learn so much about what makes her tick, because you will get to know her..

If you’re interested in learning more about successful business leaders, you will love this interview, because it is so transparent.

Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration or you want to know more about GB Shared, Lancashare, Mancheshare , Yorkshare or Cumbriashare.


Tracy’s Thoughts

I cannot tell you how inspirational Lisa Edge is.  She is force to be reckoned with when it comes to driving her business forward. Kind and sharing to a fault, fun to be around and just an all-round genuine person!

To sum up this show in three words it would have to be friendly, focused and far-reaching!

Enjoy this interview!

Very Best Wishes, Tracy Heatley on set of the networking ninja video course

Tracy Heatley