Lisa Hartley Is The Hotel Pro

Lisa Hartley is The Hotel Pro.  This is her Mind Your Own Business Interview, on Real Life Radio, with Tracy Heatley.

Lisa HartleyLisa Hartley The Hotel Pro

Lisa Hartley was made redundant in 2021, so she took her future into her own hands and formed a business. Along with her business partner and long-time friend, Yulia Bizyukova, the pair formed The Hotel Pro. Lisa has a long history working in the holiday industry, so there’s not much she doesn’t know about her market and customers.  Her travel and tourism background and multiple skills learned along the way, makes her an expert in her field.  When it comes to helping hotels and accommodation providers to generate more revenue, Lisa is the go to person.  Hence, why The Hotel Pro is thriving!

The Hotel ProThe Hotel Pro Logo

The Hotel Pro is rapidly becoming the top choice for independent hotels and accommodation providers across the UK. This is largely because if they don’t help their customers generate revenue, they don’t charge their customer.  It’s that simple!  As independent hospitability consultants, Lisa and Yulia have over twenty years sales, revenue, marketing and operational experience.  They are that confident that they will get results for clients that they work with them as they’re partner.  This means that instead of paying one-off consultancy fees, customers pay The Hotel Pro based  on results. This bold move is what sets them apart from their competition.  It may seem like a risk, but it’s paying off, because they are generating results for clients and their client base is increasing by the day. As you listen to this interview and you would like to know more, please  contact Lisa, The Hotel Pro, directly to find out more.

Tracy’s Thoughts

As a Chartered Marketer, I’ve worked with clients across a wide range of business sectors. What I love about Lisa and Yulia’s business is that they are so niche that in time I can see them being number one in their field.   After interviewing Lisa, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer independent hotel and accommodation providers her, because she clearly knows her industry inside and out and I trust her skills.

What I loved most about this interview was the knowledge that I absorbed.  Personally, I have no experience of this industry, so I learned so much. It’s always fascinating to understand new business models and how they work.  Plus, it’s always inspiring when someone has the courage to fulfil their dreams, which is clearly what Lisa and Yulia are doing, reaching for their dreams.

I’m delighted that Lisa came on my Mind Your Own Business show and for sharing her ideas, success, inspirations and goals with us. My three words to sum up this interview is absorbing, authentic and adventurous. Thank you, Lisa Hartley, for being a fabulous guest! If you are a business owner and you would like to be on my show or you’re interested in finding out more about me and my services, feel free to get in touch. I’d be happy to connect on LinkedIn too. I hope you enjoy this interview!   Very Best Wishes, Tracy Heatley Tracy Heatley on Real Life Radio With Lisa Hartley, The Hotel Pro