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Mark Pollitt talking IT with Tracy Heatley on her Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business radio show.

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Find out about Mark Pollitt.  He is a class act when it comes to IT and Telecommunications.  This radio interview reveals why Mark got into technology. Mark is open about how he is leading his team to be the best outsourced IT and Telecoms firm in the North West.

He’s a Bolton lad through and through! Mark shares why, no matter what, he always went back to his Bolton roots. Whilst he’s modest to the core, he is responsible for driving his company, Digicomm 360, to become more successful than ever.

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Digicomm 360 has got all things IT and Telecoms covered. . They  keep businesses connected, communicating and operating through the bespoke IT and Telecommunication services.

These services leave customers free to concentrate on their core business activities. Not only is Digicomm 360 highly accredited and experienced in IT and Telecoms, they are now fully certified in Cyber Essentials, too, giving customers complete peace of mind.

Mark Pollitt’s Radio Interview

Mark Pollitts radio interview is a realistic and inspirational account of the Digicomm journey.  Like most business owners, Mark has faced challenges to overcome, which he talks freely about.    His tenacity, flair,  focus and determination have clearly boosted his business to success.

He’s a Bolton lad through and through! Mark shares why, no matter what, he always went back to his Bolton roots.

If you’re interested in anything to do with technology, this is a must listen for you. If you love to hear business success stories then you will definitely enjoy this interview.

Tracy’s Thoughts

I absolutely loved listening to Mark Pollitt’s business story, because it’s truly inspiring.. Growing a business isn’t always easy, but Mark has got an exceptional team around his.  It sounds like there will be no stopping him from progressing, so I look forward to following Digicomm360.  I can’t help but have a sense of knowing that Mark and his team will continue to go from strength to strength.  I wish them them very best of luck and success!

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Tracy Heatley Interviewing Mark Pollitt






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