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Dinesh Patel On Master Chef India

       MasterChef to Patisserie Business Owner


MasterChef to patisserie business owner, Dinesh Patel  on Mind Your Own Business.

Dinesh was raised in the UK, then went on to be the first UK finalist on MasterChef India Season Five.  I can’t help but feel in awe of his amazing achievement, especially at such a young age!  What an incredible young businessperson, Dinesh is.  After studying a law degree, he had the motivation, strength and fortuity to change career path to follow his dreams.


Setting Up A Patisserie BusinessDinesh Patel writing his plans top open his patisserie business


Dinesh talks about setting up a patisserie business.

Since his days on MasterChef India, Dinesh Patel has become renowned for his multi culturally blended recipes, combining Western ingredients with a blend of his Indian heritage.

If you follow Dinesh on Instagram, you can see his delightful culinary masterpieces.  Mouth-watering is an understatement!  Go on – take a look!  You know when you look at something and you just know it’s going to taste delicious?  Well, that’s what you’re in for, so be warned, you’re going to want the real thing!

Dinesh talks openly about his experience on MasterChef, and how it influenced his decision to set up his own patisserie business.  Now, supplying high end bespoke catering orders, his patisserie business is growing from strength-to-strength, and long may it continue!

He also talks about how he’s adapted his business at the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Former Master Chef India Finalist, Dinesh Patel's creationsWhat’s In Store Now For Dinesh Patel

What’s in store now for Dinesh Patel? Whilst I’d never met Dinesh Patel before this Mind Your Own Business interview, he happily shares his future plans for his business.

Master Chef India's Dinesh Patel's recipes


Tracy Heatley’s Final Thoughts

For My final thoughts, I’d suggest that anyone who is interested in MasterChef UK or MasterChef India, Patisserie, becoming a chef or business stories, tunes it.  I think this is brilliant business interview about a rising patisserie super star, so it’s definitely worth a listen.

If I were to sum up Dinesh Patel and this business show in three words they would be deliciously, delightful and daring!

It was so much fun finding out how Dinesh went from Master Chef to Patisserie Business owner.

Enjoy the show!

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