Mind Your Own Business, Rossendale Radio,Tracy Heatley Interviews Mark Prince

Tracy Heatley Interviews Mark Prince On  Rossendale Radio

Tracy Heatley Interviewing Mark Prince

Who is Mark Prince ?

When you mention health & safety, who squirms?  Well, there’s no need!  Mark Prince, from Mark Safety, is an expert in health & safety for small businesses.

After working for large organisations for many years, Mark wanted to dispel the myth that health & safety is complex and boring.  Working in a novel way the Mark Safety Services guides customers through the whole process, Mark wants to mentor his clients, rather than simply telling them what to do.

Rather than wait until businesses are in trouble for lack of health & safety, he gets his clients on track and supports them on an on-going basis when required.

About Mark Safety

Mark Safety is a Lancashire, Health & Safety company that only works with small businesses.

Abandoning the old fashioned clip board, in favour of mentoring, is a novel approach to business.  The company has become the first choice for business owners who want to get things right from the start.

Mark Safety aims to avoid problems, rather than fix problems that have occurred by not doing things correctly.

It is about simplicity, as opposed to over dramatising things, and Mark has been giving a lot of free guidance to businesses during the pandemic.

With strong values and a refreshing approach to health & safety, this company is one to watch out for!

About This Radio Interview

This Rossendale Radio interview lasts for an hour.  We get to know more about Mark Prince, from Mark Safety, and the business challenges he’s faced.  It’s also packed full of excellent health & safety advice for business owners.

There are three of Mark’s favourite songs included, too.

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