Mind Your Own Business, Tracy Heatley Interviews Antonella Brollini, Louie Bispham and Helena Hoyle, From Ruby & Daisy

What an amazing story of how three close friends have had a phenomenal success with their retail business, Ruby & Daisy. Despite a downturn for many UK retail businesses, this tremendous trio hold the secrets to thrive, which they happily share during this revealing, frank, honest, humbling and exciting interview. Forging the way for all women, no matter their size or age, to dress to impress and style to feel worthwhile, this women’s clothing business continues to grow from strength to strength, as they settle into their new fabulous premises, continue to build international sales and boost their social media coverage, especially their Facebook page, which has over thirty five thousand followers and has made them popular all over the world!  Helena Hoyle, Louie Bispham and Antonella Brollini, who is also an Agony Aunt, The Unscensored Reviewer and Queen Of The Flowerpots on ITV’s This Morning Show, seem to have found the winning formula, along with an amazing mindset when it comes to being positive and focused! This is a must listen for anyone who is into retail, women’s clothing, wants to know about successful social media or simply loves a good old-fashioned down to earth interview full of fun and laughter.