Mind Your Own Business, Tracy Heatley, On Rossendale Radio, With Business Advice From Gina Cole, From Goal Centred Learning & Video Tips From Aidan Oldroyd, From Aidan Oldroyd Creative

This Mind Your Own Business, Rossendale Radio show is in two parts.

Organisational Psychology expert, Gina Cole, from Goal Centred Learning talks about managing change and the importance of managing people during this phase of businesses re-opening after lockdown. There are little aspects here that Gina identifies that will impact most business owners, whether they have staff or not. Tracy and Gina discuss resilience and how embracing change can help with mindset and growth. If you’re interested in organisational behaviour, managing people, leadership and the human mind, this is one for you. Moreover, if you’re experiencing any kind of change, you’re bound to pick up so handy hints that will help to guide you through.

Aidan Oldroyd, from Aidan Oldroyd Creative went into business not long after leaving university. Since starting his business he’s grown professionally, and he knows what works when it comes to video production. During his first ever radio interview, he talks you through how to get started, dispels the myths, and explains what works when it comes to marketing your video. If you’re thinking about having a business video done, you’ve had one done and you’re not sure how to start with marketing it or you just want to know more, this is the show for you.