Mind Your Own Business, Tracy Heatley, With Lynsay Anne Gould, How To Start A Podcast, & Katy Mason, How To Keep Motivated In Business

More people are listening to Podcasts than ever before.  If you’re not podcasting, then you could be missing a trick when it comes boosting your profile by exemplifying your knowledge and expertise.  Podcasting Coach, Lynsay-Anne Gould, is renowned for training business owners to get started with their podcasts and for her Podcasting For Community Facebook Group.  In this interview, Lynsay shares some incredible tips about how to get started, what software to use, what equipment you will need, how to get your  your podcast established, how to boost the rankings and keep it going.   Lynsay-Ann is an expert in her field, and what you will learn here will be invaluable to you and your business.

Now more than ever, it is vital to look after your well-being and mental health. Katy Mason, from Another Way Coaching and Training, who specialises in performance management, leadership management and motivation, offers fascinating insight into what makes us tick, along with daily steps that you take to keep motivated and care for your mental health.  Even if you’re already into personal development, you’re bound to pick up some new idea here.