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Mindsight with David Scholes, as he talks about his business, on Real Life Radio, with Tracy Heatley.


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After his best friend took his own life, a career in design and marketing, David Scholes, kept the end in sight and became the founder of  Mindsight in 2020.

David talks openly about his motivation, his passion, the challenges he’s faced emerging his business during the pandemic, and how his own mindset and flexibility has been key to his success.

With the ever popular weekly online health and wellbeing get together, Roast ‘N’ Toast, pronounced best with a broad Lancashire accent, David is helping business professionals to flip their focus.

Connect to Roast ‘N’ Toast by emailing connect@mindsight.org.uk to find out more.

Tracy’s Thoughts

Mental health issues have never been more topical than they are right now.

Have a listen to find out more about his amazing journey from devastation, manifestation to becoming a mindsight sensation!

Three words to sum up this interview are helpful, humbling and heartfelt!

As well as running my business, I’ve been doing my Mind Your Own Business interviews since 2017, on other radio stations. This was my first time on Real Life Radio.

I’d like to that Dave for being a fabulous guest on my show.

I hope you enjoy this Mindsight with David Scholes interview as much as I loved recording it for you.

Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley


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