MiniMe Rina Bharath

Mini Me Rina Bharath, the founder of MiniMe Marketing was a fabulous Mind Your Own Business guest, on Real Life Radio!


About Rina Bharath

Well, I have nothing but admiration and kind words for this remarkable business woman.  A fellow marketer and lovely person to boot! Not only has she been successfully running Minime Marketing for over ten years, she has other business interests too.

As the founder of Indi Mamma, she has taken the maternity and nursing wear industry by storm.  Rina has introduced beautiful ethnic designs that are both stunning and practical.  Originally aimed at the Asian market, women of all cultures and backgrounds are embracing her range of innovative clothing.

As a mother of two herself, Rina gets it when it comes to practicality and desire to look good, combined with feeling amazing. You really must check out her amazing clothing range online and on Facebook.

Rina’s Interview

Rina’s interview is packed full of real life issues that most business women face, especially when you’re juggling raising kids alongside your career.  She’s candid when it comes to importance of work life balance, so you really get a sense of things that are close to her heart.  She talks about training and adding new strings to her bow. Plus, there’s some great marketing chat too! Obviously!

Tracy’s Thoughts

I’ve known Rina Bharath since she set up in business, because she joined my BoB Clubs networking group.  She’s inspiring, hard working, authentic and a pleasure to know. As far as marketing delivery goes, she’s fabulous at that too!  I know she has many clients who have worked with her for years, so you know you can trust her marketing abilities. Customer loyalty speaks a thousand words!  I absolutely loved having Rina on my radio show.  It was great to catch up and interesting to hear more about her diverse businesses and passions.

If I were to choose three words to sum up this interview I’d choose reminiscent, remarkable and relatable.

I hope you love this interview as much as I loved recording it for you.


Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley

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