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Consultant, Musa Ayoob, Talking Recruitment, On Real Life Radio with Tracy Heatley.

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About Musa Ayoob & NQB Recruitment

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Finding out about Musa Ayoob was both interesting and insightful.  Musa Ayoob  comes from a long line of family entrepreneurs.  It seems logical that he would have his own business.  This is his journey from employee to business owner.   Musa and his brother took the plunge and went into business for themselves. In 2018 NQB Recruitment Solutions was formed.

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About This Radio Interview

More about this radio interview…

I’m discussing all things recruitment with Musa Ayoob from NQB Recruitment Solutions.

We discuss the challenges and advantages of running a family business.

As Musa Ayoob is talking recruitment, new market trends are highlighted, so that we learn how the pandemic has influenced recruitment.  The pandemic has inevitably impacted many businesses, so it’s nice to hear about some positive results too.

Musa’s desire to provide charitable support for young people is admirable, because he recognises gaps that he can help with.   Clearly the high morale, strong values and spiritualism plays a big part in his motivation.   Putting other people first is a priority for Musa, so connecting the right candidate to the right employer is crucial for him.

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It is clear to me that Musa wants to succeed in business.   However, I have gathered that he wants other people to succeed more.  His clients and candidates are what’s most important to him, so he will only match a candidate and client if it’s the right thing for all parties.

Adding value is what is important and I truly admire those values.  Whilst making money is not necessarily the primary focus, I’m delighted that despite the pandemic, NQB Recruitment Solutions, is doing phenomenally well.   This is to be congratulated, so I applaud Mussa and his brother for that!

I had not met Musa before this interview, but I’m sure you’ll agree that he is a man of principles, values, faith and motivation.

My three words to describe this Mind Your Own Business radio interview are real, righteous, recruitment.

It was a pleasure to meet Musa Ayoob and I hope you enjoy this interview too.

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Thanks for listening!

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