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Business growth specialist, Calum McRae, talks business with Tracy Heatley, On Mind Your Own Business.

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Calum is a successful business owner who now helps other business owners take action and achieve their goals. Literally putting his own business and coaching expertise into practice.  Calum helps East Lancashire businesses to thrive and take action, with Action Coach, using tried and tested formulas for success.

Business Talk

Business talk with Tracy and Calum reveals the secrets to his success.  How Calum went from running a business to growing numerous businesses using the Action Coach growth strategies.  Now those businesses operate without him, Calum is now devoted to guide other business owners to do the same, so his motivation is clear.

It’s not uncommon for it to take years for businesses to success, and quite frankly, I don’t believe in over night successes, as many of those perceived overnight success took many years to succeed.  However, with the right strategies, leadership and management, most businesses can elevate to higher levels.  Much of it comes down to attitude, desire, motivation and taking action.  Calum describes the how, why and what makes this happen.

Who Is This Business Interview Is For

If you’re wondering who this business interview is for then look no further.  It’s for business owners who want to learn more about business success.  Business students who want some real life examples will benefit too.  Anyone interested in business success will enjoy listening, because it’s packed full of great information and advice.


Free Business Coaching Session

Free business coaching sessions are available for listeners who quote Real Life Radio when they contact Calum. Grab your free session by quoting Real Life Radio, whether you email, ring or enquire via the website.   Here’s the details you need to contact Calum directly.

Call – 07988551143 or visit his website.

Tracy’s Thoughts

Photo of Tracy Heatley writing down her thoughtsTracy’s thoughts about this interview is that it’s informative, because Calum reveals details about his background in business.  There is lots of relevant information to help guide business owners, so it’s definitely worth a listen.

Anyone looking to find out more about networking and networking training can find more information about Tracy’s training services here.

Enjoy this Mind Your Own Business Interview!