Taking IT Seriously With Ben Abbott

Taking IT Seriously With Ben Abbot means that IT’s all about IT with this Real Life Radio interview!

Ben Abbott From Abbero on Mind Your Own Business Real Life Radio With Tracy Heatley


Who Is Ben Abbott?

Who is Ben Abbott is what we explore during this business radio interview.  There’s so much more to Ben than meets the eye.  Yes, he’s a self professed IT geek, but there’s much more to him than that.

Admittedly, Ben is a bit of a ‘night owl ‘and his love of music has taken him all over the world!   He’s definitely in the right business, because he’s been fascinated with technology since he was a lad!

How lucky he’s been to combine all his tech knowledge with his love of music, too.  His DJ career, which he successfully ran alongside his main IT career, has been a love of Ben’s for years.

As well as being exceptional with IT, he really is a fun loving guy who is motivated by his family, passions and hobbies!


Abbero Logo to go with Ben Abbotts Mind Your Own Business interview with Tracy Heatley

About Abbero

We find out much more about Abbero during this radio interview, as Ben shares his business journey with us.   Whilst we’re taking IT seriously with Ben Abott, we get to know lots about Abbero.

Abbero is a growing IT firm, based in Blackburn, Lancashire.  Along with his small team, Ben is successfully expanding, taking on new clients all the time.  Abbero is an outsourced IT company, providing a full range of IT support services to its clients.

As a fairly new company, Abbero has done well since it was formed, and is set to thrive. Ben is heavily focused on marketing the business for growth. He’s found a new love of business networking and is enjoying the support of his fellow networking members.  Easing himself in with lunch time networking, he’s recently started breakfast networking, too.  I’m sure that as a ‘night owl this may be challenging, but worth it.

A new website will be launched soon too!  As a Chartered Marketer, this is music to my ears!

With exciting plans for the future, Abbero is set to grow and grow!


Tracy’s Thoughts About this Ben Abbott Interview

One of the reasons that I love doing my Mind Your Own Business radio interviews is because I really get to know my guests and what makes them tick.  As Ben shares his business story and reveals the emotional details of losing his younger brother, it really makes you think.  Yes, business success is important, but family is everything.

Having listened intently to Ben’s background, motivations, desires, hopes, dreams and goals, not only am I’m sure he will achieve them, I’m certain that his brother would have been extremely proud.

If I were to use three words to sum up this radio interview, I’d use hopeful, humble and honoured!

I hope you enjoy this interview and find it as inspiring as I did.


Very Best Wishes,


Tracy Heatley

Tracy Heatley in her studio interviewing Ben Abbot from Abbero