Talking Action With Action Coach, Paul Limb

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Talking action with Action Coach, Paul Limb! 

Who Is Paul Limb?

Paul Limb, is a Bolton based Action Coach. With a wealth of experience running his own business, he now helps business owners thrive.  Paul, who has coached hundreds of north west business owners, because he loves being a business coach.  From skydiving coaching to MD of a successful office furniture company!  Paul has seen it all, so he can truly relate to his clients unique requirements and challenges.

What Is Action Coach?

Action Coach is the worlds number one business coaching company.  The whole purpose of this franchise organisation is to coach business owners, so they become better business owners.   It’s all about helping businesses succeed without the owners spending day in day out on that ‘hamster wheel’.  If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you know what the dreaded ‘hamster wheel’ means!

About This Business Radio Interview

What can I tell you about this business radio interview?  It is jam packed full of business knowledge, so you will learn a thing or two along the way.   It is also an open account of Paul’s background, his business success story and hopes for the future.  Like any business owner, Paul has had challenges, which makes him able to relate to his clients needs even more, because he gets it!

There’s a bit of fun and laughter along the way during this ‘Mind Your Own Business’ interview, too!

It’s all about less talking action, and actually taking action!


Tracy Heatley talking action with Action Coach Paul Limb in the studio


In Summary

In summary:  This was a fun, yet very informative interview.  Even though I already knew Paul  before the interview, because of his tell all approach, I learned so much more.

If you want to know what makes a business coach tick, why Paul loves to help others, and get some business know-how along the way, it’s all jam packed into this interview.

To sum up this interview in three words – insightful, intuitive and impressive!

I hope you enjoy this business story as much as I did!

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Thanks for listening!

Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley

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