Any Colour You Want As Long As It’s PINK Spaghetti

Any colour you want as long as it’s Pink Spaghetti is all about Kathryn Nolan! Kathryn shares her business story with Tracy Hatley on her Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business show.

Kathryn Nolan from Pink Spaghetti on Mind Your Own Business With Tracy Heatley

There’s a New Virtual Assistant In Town

There’s a new virtual assistant in town!  Kathryn Nolan, from Pink Spaghetti, has swapped a sales and marketing career to go it alone.  Rossendale business woman, Kathryn, set up her virtual assistant business, in April 2020.

Not only has Kathryn experienced life as a new business owner, she did so right in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic.  There’s nothing like seizing the day and creating opportunities, which has proven to be a good move.

Yes, it’s high fives all round for this brave lady! Priding herself on becoming the 25th hour in the day for Rossendale, Bury, Ramsbottom and Rochdale business owners, Kathryn’s business is set to thrive!

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Kathryn Nolan’s Business

Kathryn Nolan’s business offers a full range of services.  She works with small business owners, supporting them with a range of personal assistant and admin services.  They can focus on their business, while she works within it for them, so they have support without employing staff.

Tracy’s Thoughts

If you’re just about to get started in business, you’re interested in hearing how it can be done or you’re thinking about giving up your current career for pastures new, this interview is well worth a listen for you.

Any colour your want as long as it’s Pink Spaghetti suggests that Kathryn should be your first choice.  She’s there to help small businesses across Rossendale, Bury and Rochdale. I use Kathryn’s services myself and I’d highly recommend her.

If you’re a business buff and you love to hear about how taking a risk pays off, this story is for you, too.

This is an inspiring story that makes courage, calmness and conquering spring to mind!

Thanks, Kathryn, for sharing your business story!

Very Best Wishes,


Tracy Heatley Interviewing Kathryn Nolan from Pink Spaghetti








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