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What Do You Say On Social Media?

When it comes to what to say on social media, you marketing goals, core values, company values and desired outcome all matter. No matter what you sell, supply or offer, being authentic on social media is important. Lots of business peopleTracy Heatley with a What? thought bubble wonder how they ‘should’ be and what they should say on social media.   Is this something you’ve ever wondered?  Being anything other than your authentic self on social media is likely to be tiresome and unfulfilling.   People want to get to know the real you and understand your core values when it comes to doing business.

Planning To Be Authentic?

The word Authentic in big red lettersPlanning to be authentic is like planning to be spontaneous. It just doesn’t work or make sense.

Social media platforms are full of people sharing their good news, which is wonderful, and I love seeing it. Reading about business success and people doing well makes me smile, because it’s uplifting. That’s why I love to do my Mind Your Own business interviews on Real Life Radio.  It’s so inspiring to know that people are achieving their goals, smashing sales, and pushing their businesses forward.

I don’t know about you, but if things are not right with me, I withdraw from social media, because I’d rather say nothing at all than pretend everything is great when it’s not. Being glum is just not my style either.

You can’t plan to be authentic. It just won’t work, so whether you’re using social media to promote a product or service, stick to the facts.  Be passionate and positive, but always be honest.

Is Authenticity Good For Marketing?

Is authenticity good for marketing, I hear you ask? What I’m saying may seem a contradictory.  As a Chartered Marketer, I understand the importance of competitor awareness. I’m all about social media planning. I champion people getting their marketing messages out there for people to see. However, never ever at the expense of being disingenuous, transgressing core values or saying what you think people want to hear.

If Your Provide A Service

I think that authenticity is especially useful if you’re providing a service.  I help many of my marketing clients to present themselves as an expert in their field. Regularly, I stress the importance of being true to themselves by being authentic.  You don’t have to be something you’re not when marketing a service.  You must communicate the right marketing messages that portrays the benefits of what you do, but always with accuracy and good intentions.

There’s always a degree of having to ‘big yourself up’ when you’re setting yourself up as an expert in your field.  You can do this without seeming arrogant and remain authentic though.

The upshot is that authenticity is crucial for all service providers!


Sign saying authentic and genuine on social media

If You’re Marketing A Product

If you’re marketing a product or service, it’s vital that you describe your products correctly by law, because under consumer law you have a duty of care to provide accurate descriptions.

On social media, many sales and marketing professionals are using personal profiles for the purposes of reaching out to potential customers.  Your organisational culture and values will be important and must be considered.  However, it’s important that you are yourself, so that you’re reflecting your own characteristics and personality.

The upshot is whether it’s service marketing or product led marketing: authenticity is essential.



Comparing Yourself To Others

Finger print to show that we are all unique and authenticComparing yourself to others on social media isn’t uncommon, so if you’ve ever done this, you’re not alone. How many of us have looked at social media newsfeeds and compared ourselves to others? Probably most of us!  Please stop doing this!

Remember, we’re all posting what we want or don’t mind people seeing. That doesn’t mean that everything is hunky dory all the time. It’s unrealistic to think that it is.  We all make mistakes in life and business. We all have difficulties. Even the people you least expect have questioned their own abilities sometimes. You know, the ones who are full of confidence and positively shining!   We’re all perfectly flawed!

You Do You!

You do you and I’ll do me!  I guess what I’m saying is let’s all plan our social media. Let’s post regularly about topical things. Relish in sharing our good news. Enjoy each other’s successes. But let’s all be true to ourselves.

It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people, but who we are is always enough. There’s a reason we all look different, sound different and have different personalities. It’s because we’re each unique and we’re supposed to be! Even twins have differences!  My mum is an identical twin, so I know this to be true.

Whether you realise it or not, other people are, inspired, motivated and look up to you. Just the other day, I had a call from someone who wanted to tell me that I was inspiring to many businesspeople. I never expected the call and was totally surprised by this news.  Imagine how thrilled I was!  I was over the moon.  That call made me feel so good about myself.  This leads me to my next point…

Interact With Others On Social MediaInteracting on social media inforgraphic


It’s important to interact with others on social media.  Don’t just post stuff, use social media to form relationships as well as a following.  Interact with other people’s posts.  Again, be authentic in your responses and avoid being confrontational.  I’m not here to tell you what to post on social media and what to say.   You know what’s right for you and your business, but steer clear of controversy if possible. Use social media, especially platforms like LinkedIn, for networking.  My general rule of thumb is behave, on social media, how you would in person!  Here comes that authenticity word again! Always be authentic!

Let’s Do This

Post It Not With Let's Do This Written On It to start being authentic on social mediaLet’s do this!  Embrace who we are and let our inner specialities shine through! Always be genuine and authentic ! Stay true to who we are!  Be you, because who you are is more than enough!

However many social media followers you’ve got, you want followers who are following you for the right reasons.   You’re better off having less followers who are genuinely interested in you and what you do.  Having a large crowd who are disinterested and disengaged is futile. Besides, people are pretty good at working out who is fake and who is authentic on social media. I guess it all comes down to integrity, confidence and letting the real you shine through.

Go on…shine brightly and be who you are!

You’ve got this!

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