TED Talks The TED Official Guide To Public Speaking, written by the Head Of TED, Chris Anderson.

What a fabulous book that every person who is doing any kind of public speaking should own.  This book is packed full of top tips from start to finish. Yes, it’s about TED Talks.  However, it is suitable for any kind of public speaking.  I originally listened to this as an audio book, though, I quickly ordered the paperback too.  It is a ‘keeper’. Definitely one of those books that I want to add numerous markers to.  Specifically, so that I can refer back to the most interesting points as and when I need to.   The reality is that the tips are so good that there is something in every chapter that I found useful.

Furthermore, as well as providing wonderful insights, it gave me reassurance and validation of what I’m already doing right as a guest speaker.   There is no harm in wanting to be even better, and I truly believe that this book will help me do just that.  Be Better!

It’s five stars from me.  However, I’d give it ten if I could.   I’d highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in public speaking, or wants to improve upon their current public speaking skills.  Whether you’re a beginner, who is new to public speaking, or you’re a seasoned pro, I’m certain that you will pick up wonderful nuggets of wisdom.

Book Review by Chartered Marketer, Tracy Heatley MBA. 

Tracy Heatley making book review notes on TED Talks The TED Official Guide To Public Speaking by Chris Anderson