Sporadic Marketing Syndrome Went Global

Sporadic Marketing Syndrome went global as Tracy’s article is published by Social Media Pulse!

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What is Sporadic Marketing Syndrome?

Sporadic Marketing Syndrome is a phrase I coined a couple of months ago, whilst recording my How To Avoid Marketing Mayhem podcast episode.  It sums up what many small business owners suffer from when trying to keep marketing activities consistent.

Social Media Pulse

A few weeks ago,  Social Media Pulse invited me to write an article about Sporadic Marketing Syndrome.

I’m delighted to say that my article was published today. It focuses specifically on Sporadic Marketing Syndrome in direct relation to workflows. Moreover, it presents fundamental ways to avoid sporadic marketing.  Plus, I’ve written a blog to explain Sporadic Marketing Syndrome in more detail, including how it can be avoided.  Yes, Sporadic Marketing Syndrome went global.

It was an honour and a privilege to have written this article for Social Media Pulse and I hope you find it useful to read too.  Check out Social Media Pulse’s other articles, too, as they’re all packed full of useful information.

If you would like to know more about Tracy Heatley and her  Better Marketing Mentoring and Consultancy services, feel free to contact me and we can take things from there.

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Tracy Heatley Who Coined the phrase ‘Sporadic Marketing Syndrome’.