Differences Between Sales And Marketing

The Differences Between Sales And Marketing is the focus of this podcast episode.


“Hi, I’m Tracy Heatley.  Welcome to this episode of my Be Better with Tracy Heatley podcast.  This episode is all about theBe Better With Tracy Heatley Podcast Cover differences between sales and marketing and why one can’t exist without the other.

Battle Between Sales And Marketing

The age-old battle between sales and marketing goes back as far as I can remember. An even bigger spanner is thrown into the mix if manufacturing is involved.

In the past when I’ve worked in larger organisations, there’s always been an unwritten divide between sales and marketing departments.

At the other end of the scale, I often hear small business owners say sales and marketing together, almost as if they’re one.

They’re not! There are distinct differences between the two.

Which Comes First?

I find it amusing that we say sales and marketing, like sales comes first, followed by marketing.  You’re not on your own with this, I say it too.  The reality is, though, that without effective marketing, sales can’t succeed. Even though there are many different facets to marketing, one major factor is that we’re doing marketing to increase awareness, which ultimately needs to lead to more sales.  Can you see why both need to coexist and work in harmony?


To give you a general overview marketing creates the awareness and makes sure that what’s being provided gets communicated to the right customers in the right way.  Sales pushes the customer over the line to buy and seals the deal.

As A Small Business Owner

I know that as a small business owner, you’re often balancing all elements of the business from finance to sales.  Whereas, in a larger organisation there are different departments or people doing all of that.  I’m also aware that there are certain limitations and constraints that mean that a return on your marketing investment is crucial.  Hence, why so many small business owners link sales and marketing together.

It’s so easy to get caught up in running your business day-to-day, by continuing to do the same things repeatedly, whilst trying to boost sales that focusing on the marketing can get disregarded.

If this, is you right now, please may I urge you to take the time to get your marketing plan in place, or get someone to do it for you?

You must make certain that what you’re offering is suitable for your customer requirement.

Linking Marketing And Sales To Coexist

A big part of linking marketing and sales to coexist is monitoring where your leads are coming from.   It’s so easy when you sell a product or get an enquiry to assume that it’s because of a current marketing campaign that you’ve got going on. The reality is it can take months or even years to build your brand.  Buyer behaviour and psychology play a big part in the entire process.

I mean no disrespect whatsoever to anyone who is responsible for sales.  As it happens, I’m responsible for sales within my businesses too, and I worked in sales before marketing. Perhaps this is the innate marketer in me, but the way I see it is that marketing is all about the groundworks and the sale is the cherry on top.

Marketing Is More Than A Link To The Sale

I’m sure you’ll agree that most small business owners want more sales.  Not all, but most.  Me too!  I get it, really, I do.  Here comes the but! But marketing is so much more than the link to a sale. It’s everything from how your customer feel, how your brand is perceived, how your product or service is valued.  Also, how the people within your organisation feel and respond. It’s the culture within and how that’s portrayed.

There’s even internal marketing, but that’s a whole other topic.  In my opinion for a small business to succeed with marketing, aside from everything I advise you to do, you must be in it for the long haul.  Marketing is not a quick fix. Nor is it something that you should dip in and out of when you’re busy.  It’s the foundation of future sales.  Without continuous and effective marketing, at some point there will be fluctuations in sales. You may have noticed this for yourself.  Often this results in increases and decreases in sales revenue, followed by uneven cashflow.

One thing we must recognise and be respectful of is that without sales, there is no future marketing budget for any organisation large or small.  The upshot is that without sufficient sales revenue, there won’t be any profits.

I guess it seems a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario.

Marketing And Sales Mus Coexist Harmoniously

The upshot is that marketing and sales must coexist harmoniously. Whether you’re responsible for all the above or just some of it let’s have some accountability.  Also, as small business owners, we often forget to give ourselves a pat on the back.  It’s a great feeling isn’t it to make that sale or for your business to get the sale.  Keep up your marketing efforts consistently, so that ultimately, your customers know where you are, what you sell, how to buy and they make the purchase.  Preferably time and time again!

It’s far cheaper to keep an existing customer and get repeat sales or even upsell other products and services than it is get new ones.

Marketing  and consistency equal sales.

I’m not sales trainer.  I’m a small business marketing specialist.  For me, I believe that for any business to be successful the two must sink and work harmoniously together.

We can’t have one without the other.


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