Fiona Drummond Putting Pleasure Into Property

Fiona Drummond putting pleasure into property is a radio interview by Tracy Heatley.  This interview aired on Tracy’s  Real Life Radio  Mind Your Own Business show.

Fiona DrummondFiona Drummond

Fiona Drummond is an amazing lady who is turning the property market on its head. She’s a savvy business person with a head for business. This forward thinking CEO has massive growth plans.  Fiona and her fellow directors aim to bring joy to moving home by putting the pleasure back into property. If, like me, you’ve moved house and found it extremely stressful,  this may sound like a long shot.  Not for this powerhouse!  It’s happening!

One of the big attractions of doing my radio shows is that I get to find out what makes people tick.  Understanding why people set their businesses up is not only interesting but it gives us so much to learn from. Finding out about The Agent Site was fascinating!

The Agent Site

The Agent Site logo

The Agent Site was established to plug a big gaping gap in the property market. I’m often asking my marketing mentoring clients and networking groups what problems do they solve for their customers? Fiona Drummond knows exactly how to solve her clients problems.

Essentially, her business provides an online portal that bridges the gap between estate agents and solicitors.  No more wondering what is going on! Constantly phoning estate agents and solicitors is a thing of the past!  Estate agents don’t get bogged down with constant calls from clients and to solicitors.  Solicitors can upload details to the portal, so that everyone involved knows exactly what’s going on.  This frees up Solicitors time to focus on what they need to be doing, rather than dealing with constant queries. It’s genius really, because it abolishes wasted time, it gives total reassurance to all parties and buying a new home becomes an exciting prospect, which is exactly how it should be. I wish that The Agent Site services had been around when I last moved house.

A recent study revealed that moving house is more stressful than divorce, having a baby, starting a new job or getting married! In fact, 60% of people surveyed agreed that moving house was the most stressful thing. A not so shocking statistic that definitely needs to change! We find out exactly how this can be changed during this fabulously thought provoking, must listen, interview.

Tracy’s Thoughts

All my listeners and followers know that I adore doing my radio interviews and that I’m passionate about sharing business success stories.  Sometimes, someone comes along with an innovate idea that seems so obvious that you wonder why you didn’t think of it.  As you read this, you may be thinking the same!  Well, fortunately, Fiona Drummond and her team have stepped into the brink.   Frankly, the more people that know about The Agent Site, the better.

If you’re a conveyancer, architect, estate agent, mortgage adviser, IFA or solicitor, you simply must listen to this interview and get in touch with Fiona.  It doesn’t matter where you are in England, The Agent Site is here for you. For anyone who is moving house, don’t let this be something that you wish you would have known about sooner. Tracy Heatley on Real Life Radio

Getting to know the brains behind The Agent Site brand has been an absolute pleasure!

My three words so sum up this interview are imaginative, illuminative and immense.

I hope you enjoy this interview equally as much and Fiona and I enjoyed recording it for you.

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Enjoy listening!


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Tracy Heatley