Laura Leyland’s Fresh Perspective

Laura Leyland’s Fresh Perspective is all about how Laura and her sister added a fresh twist to the recruitment industry!

About Laura Leyland

Everything you need to know about Laura Leyland shines through during this Mind Your Own Business interview.

Laura Leyland from Fresh Perspective Resourcing
Laura Leyland

Her background and extensive experience of the recruitment market.  What motivated her to want to do things differently.  Her passions, values, beliefs and goals are all laid bare, so we get to know the charm and the brains behind the Fresh Perspectives brand.

Laura has worked in recruitment for her entire career, but rather than accept a ‘this is the way it’s done’ approach, she had other plans.   She looked at the recruitment market, culture and customer requirements.  After realising there was a massive gap between the way it is and the way it ought to be, she set out to bridge that gap.

Whilst Laura would never discredit the way other recruitment organisations operate, she wanted an alternative business model and it’s working wonders!

Fresh Perspective Resourcing

Fresh Perspective Resourcing Logo

Fresh Perspective Resourcing is a Lancashire based recruitment company with a twist.  This family business doesn’t conform to the usual recruitment methods, payment options and general operations that we’ve come to expect.

Laura and her sister, Emily Leyland, have built their business from scratch.  During this interview we learn all about why and how this business has adapted to become massively successful.

Plus, Laura tells us about the not for profit Freshies Awards and their exciting growth plans.

You can  book here if you want to attend this years’ event.

Tracy Heatley’s Thoughts

I can honestly say that Laura Leyland really is one of the most genuine and kind-hearted people you could meet.  Often there’s a misconception that you must be ruthless in business to succeed, which I believe to be nonsense.   Laura, Emily and their team are living proof that this is not the case.

Laura and Emily’s fresh perspective on business is like a breath of fresh air, because they never compromise their core values. 

I hope they continue to shine and spread their fresh approach and fresh perspective for many more years to come, because our ‘business world’ needs people like them.

To have Laura Leyland on my Mind Your Own Business show on International Women’s Day was a treat and an absolute pleasure.

Three words that spring to mind when I think about this business radio interview are strength, sincerity and Super-Woman (technically two words, I know, but who cares)!

My message to Laura and Emily is continue being you, don’t ever change and always have a fresh perspective!

Laura Leyland and Emily Leyland From Fresh Perspective Resourcing
Laura Leyland & Emily Leyland

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Tracy Heatley interviewing Laura Leyland on Mind Your Own Business
Tracy Heatley