Lynsay Gould Talking Podcasting

Lynsay Gould Talking Podcasting, with Tracy Heatley, on her Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business radio show.

Lynsay Gould, Podcasting Boutique Founder


About Lynsay Gould

Here’s a bit more about Lynsay Gould.  Aside from being a super woman, super mother and a lovely person, Lynsay Gould is the founder of podcasting agency, The Podcast Boutique.

Having started out in the HR world, a few years ago, Lynsay swapped HR to develop the international podcasting agency.  Known by many as Lynsay Anne, this podcasting influencer is thriving.  She is taking the podcasting industry by storm with her podcasting creating, training, editing and full range of production services.


The Podcasting Boutique Logo

The Podcast Boutique

The Podcast Boutique has become the first choice for many first time podcasters.  Whilst many other experienced podcasters outsource editing and production to the Podcast Boutique, because they just don’t have the time to do it themselves.

During 2021, Lynsay and her growing team, managed to embrace new market trends and expand.  Not only have they grown in terms of employees, the business is set to introduce a brand new portfolio of services to include video options, too. New services available from February 2022.

About The Interview

To tell you about this interview in a nutshell, it’s full of fabulous podcasting tips, useful business knowledge and more. Lynsay shares her business success story, and is open and candid about business challenges, so you get to know her core values too.

Tracy’s Thoughts

This interview is ideal for those of you who love a good business success story.  If you’re thinking about podcasting and you would like to know more.  Perhaps you’ve come across Lynsay Gould on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and you would like to know more about her. If you love all things podcasting then you’re bound to love this interview, because it is packed full of useful information.

If I were to use three words to  sum up this interview, I’d use frank, fabulous and fearless!


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