Rossendale Businesses Awards 2020

Rossendale Business Awards 2020 Radio Interview With Rob Carder

Rob Carder
Rob Carder Head Of the Rossendale Business Awards 2020

Rob Carder, Chair Of the  Valley At Work & The Rossendale Business Awards, talks to Tracy Heatley, on her Real Life Radio Mind Your Own Business!

He shares his love of business growth, so we learn why he’s spent decades helping businesses to succeed.  From Marketing Director of Business Link to semi retired Chair Of The Valley At Work and The Rossendale Business Awards, plus everything in between.

Rossendale Business Awards

Rossendale Business Awards 2020 has revealed exciting plans, so that everyone knows what to expect on the night.  Despite not being able to get together ‘in real life’, a virtual ceremony is planned!  Whilst it’s the first time the Rossendale Business Awards has ran like this, Rob and his team have made it possible for businesses to celebrate their successes! They’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that the celebration is still done in style!

You will discover everything about the whole awards process from start to finish, so that everyone knows what will happen on 2nd December 202Rossendale Business Awards 2020 logo0, when the awards goes out on Facebook Live!

A phenomenal amount of effort has been put into the 2020 Awards, so that each and every sponsor, finalist and winner gets a truly remarkable experience.  They really have made the most of what is available right now, and I for one am delighted.

I will be hosting the awards this year, which I’m thrilled about! We’ll be giving it our all to deliver an outstanding evening for everyone taking part and watching!


Rob Carder’s Interview

Rob Carder’s interview covers the past, present and  future, so that you get to know Rob and his success story!

Anyone who has a Rossendale Business or is involved with Valley At Work needs to listen to this interview about the Rossendale Business Awards 2020..  Plus anyone who has had their business improved by something Rob has done.  I’ll bet there are many people who have been impacted by Rob’s ideas, tenacity and good will over the years.

Tracy’s Thoughts

Rob is a well respected pillar of the Rossendale business community, and he is a pleasure to know. I found it fascinating learning more about Rob’s background and experience, because he’s helped so many businesses over the years.

If I were to choose three words to sum up this interview, they would be honest, humbling and hopeful!


                                                                               Very Best Wishes,Tracy Heatley Mind Your Own Business Photo


                    Tracy Heatley