Harnessing Motivation and Mindset

“Hi, I’m Tracy Heatley and welcome to my Be Better With Tracy Heatley podcast, which is all about Harnessing motivation and mindset to overcome burnout and achieve success.


“It’s been a strange few weeks here at my ‘Be Better Bunker’.

Since I came up with the concept of Sporadic Marketing Syndrome, which actually came about whilst I was recording one of my podcast episodes for you, it’s really taken off in a big way.  I’ve been invited to write articles for publications, guest blogs and I’m halfway through my new book.  So, lots going on.  One of the things I’m often mentioning to you is the power of consistency.  Then, low and behold, I became ill.  I thought I had a bit of cold, then I thought I had flu.  Turns out I had a rather bad chest injection.  As well as being a small business owner like you – I’m human too!  So, I had to take some time out.

Just goes to show that all the planning and goodwill in the world is no good if we’re wiped out by illness.  My apologies for not being able to release a podcast episode for a few weeks.  I needed to take time to be a human being, rather than a human doing.   That said, I’m back with a vengeance.

Reason For This Episode

This is why I wanted to chat to you about how to Harness Your Motivation, Focus and Marketing Mindset to Overcome Burnout and Achieve Success.

When we run our own businesses, it’s unlikely to be all plain sailing.  I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve thought things were going great and something unexpected happened.  Likewise, there are always times when things aren’t going great, then something wonderful happens!  I’m your eternal optimist, so I always have faith that something wonderful is going to happen.  Nevertheless, it’s not always a straight path to our goals, is it?

The one commonality that I’ve noticed about all successful business owners is that no matter what – they never give up. I truly believe that like most things in life, we can learn to have positive intelligence, emotional intelligence an, we control our mindsets and choose our reactions.

However, like many small business owners, and you may be able to relate to this yourself, I’m guilty of over doing things too.  We must remember that burnout is real! I don’t know about you but the only occasions that I take time off is when I’m on holiday or I’m ill, and even then, I’m constantly thinking about business and checking up on things.

What’s This Got To Do With Marketing And Networking?

So, how do we find the right balance, and what on earth has this got to do with marketing and networking?

It’s got everything to do with all aspects of our business because for most small businesses, things don’t operate 100% without us! I know some of you will have businesses that work well without you working within your business.  However, most small businesses, especially service providers, don’t!

This is why I want to pay respect to the importance of positive intelligence, emotional intelligence, and mindset when you’re developing your marketing strategy or beginning your networking journey.  Keep it consistent but don’t overdo it to the point where you’re burning yourself out.  When I’m working with my marketing mentoring clients or I’m running my networking training workshops, I work with my clients to develop their strategies and plans. One of the key things we assess is time allocation for tasks and networking, because finding the right balance is crucial to business success and simultaneously, maintaining your own health and vitality.

Competitor Influence

If you’re a regular listener to my podcast, or you’ve read any of my blogs and articles, you will be in no doubt about the importance of understanding your competitors when developing your marketing strategies, and it is a big part of choosing how you will differentiate your business from theirs.  Please be mindful though to check out their company structure and resources too. Remember that you’re researching competitors to help you develop your strategy and marketing messages in a way that promotes your individuality.  You mustn’t, however, compare it to the point that it makes you feel bad about yourself and your business. I’m hearing more and more that some small business owners end up feeling down, unconfident and downright lousy, because their competitors seem to be doing so well, especially on social media platforms.  So, yes, do your competitor research but don’t let it negatively impact your mindset.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence that was brought to us by the wonderful Dr Daniel Goleman.  I’d recommend you add his book to your reading list!  He declares that emotional intelligence can matter more than IQ. I’m very lucky to have an exceptionally high IQ.  However, if I had to choose emotional intelligence or IQ, I think I’d choose emotional intelligence!  Who knows, it could be my IQ that led me to wanting to learn more about emotional intelligence.  My point is that this topic had a massive impact on my life, my business, my attitude and my life choices.

Positive Intelligence

More recently, I was introduced to positive intelligence.  I did a short positive intelligence course with a company called Goal Centred Development.  I’ve known Gina Cole, who runs the company, for years, so when she told me about this, I jumped at the chance.  I had had an earlier introduction to positive intelligence, but Gina’s course was something else.

I was introduced to PQ reps, which I still make sure I do every day.  There’s obviously a lot more to the course than this, but essentially, taking short breaks throughout the day to do PQ reps has been life changing for me.   It makes me make time for mindfulness.  Until I did this course, I struggled with mindfulness and things like meditation.   In fact, I actually said to Gina, “I can’t do mindfulness and meditation”. She smiled knowingly! DO mindfulness!  When we are busy, it is so easy to work flat out non-stop, thinking that we can’t make time for a break.

The truth is, we don’t’ always have to ‘do’ – we just have to ‘be’!  Honestly, hand on heart, taking regular time to do my PQ reps – taking time to breath and be still, makes me twice as productive.  I get more done in less time!  It means creating new habits, but you’ll thank yourself for being kind to yourself.

Attract Everything Your Want

Plus, you’ll start to attract everything that you want, desire, and need! Last week was such an amazing week for me!  I was thrilled and excited to be back to business! That’s becauseI love what I do, so I missed working when I was ill.  I was a Keynote speaker at the Digital Women conference, in Birmingham. What an amazing day that was!  I watched all the other speakers, who were absolutely outstanding, and there was such a positive, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere.   I loved it!  Hats off to the organiser and founder of Digital Women, Lucy Hall! It was a truly a sensational day!

As if that wasn’t enough, I spent Saturday evening with the lovely Gina Cole and other people who have taken part in her Positive Intelligence courses.  We were fire walking, which is an incredible experience.  I hadn’t done a fire walk for about 16 years.  I also did an arrow break!  This was a totally new experience for me.  You place the pointed part of an arrow on your throat, the other half is placed into a block of wood, with someone holding it steady, you lean in to break the arrow on your throat.  Basically, I spent the evening ditching limiting beliefs and gaining a new focus.  Now, I have to stress that this was in a controlled environment, with experienced instructors, and must not be tried in any other way.

Filter Out Negativity

There’s lots of negativity in this world and having the ability to filter that, so that it doesn’t impact your mind and emotions is crucial.  Likewise, there’s lots of dream stealers and energy zappers out there ready to put you down and dampen your spirits.   You owe it to you and your business to stop that from happening.  You are the controller of your own destiny, you get to create the life you choose, and design the future you want for you and your business. You’ll be heading towards a future where you can focus on harnessing motivation and mindset to overcome burnout and achieve success.

Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

The transformation after getting rid of limiting beliefs is phenomenal.  I cannot express enough the importance of this when it comes to marketing and networking. If you’re new to all this, then do your own research and find what works for you, but please don’t let anyone or anything stop you achieving your full potential.   Mindset matters massively when it comes to marketing.  Don’t let negative things filter their way through to your subconscious. If you do, you will very subconsciously pull back on your marketing efforts at a time when you must push forward.

As well as being a marketing and networking specialist, I’m and NLP Master Practitioner, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. I feel exceptionally lucky to process such a wonderful skillset that much of this comes naturally to me now.  But, that’s taken years of learning, development, and reflections.

The mindset I now wasn’t always the case.  Someone asked me recently, what is the secret to my success.  My reply, was, “I don’t consider myself a success – I’m a work in progress!  Therefore, it’s my desire to learn new things, my thirst for knowledge, and surrounding myself with the right people that has got me to where I am.  To paraphrase, the fabulous, Jim Rohn, You can go to the ocean with a spoon or a bucket – the ocean doesn’t care.

In Summary

In summary, to get yourself into the right marketing mindset.  Ditch your own limiting beliefs!  Surround yourself with a supportive vibe tribe, make it your business to be around people who inspire you, and take time out for yourself along the way! Yes, be focused! Absolutely, work hard to achieve your goals!  Always, maintain high motivation! Just never let any of those things result in burnout!

I hope you’ve found this podcast useful and it helps you to continue harnessing motivation and mindset to overcome burnout and achieve success

If you need a marketing consultant or marketing mentor to help you on your marketing journey, get in touch and I’ll be happyTracy recording her Harnessing Motivation and Mindset to Overcome Burnout and Achieve Success podcast episode to help.  If you would like to know more about networking training services, head over to my website.   There’s loads of free resources on there too including marketing, networking, and personal development blogs.  Plus, you can download all the other podcast episodes that I’ve produced over the years.

Remember, focus on you first, then everything else will flow!

Don’t be the same as before, be better!

Better business, better you”!

Podcast Episode Roundup:

  • Tracy Heatley introduces ‘Be Better With Tracy Heatley’ podcast.
  • Shares her experiences of creating ‘Sporadic Marketing Syndrome’, being invited to write articles, guest blogs and halfway through writing a book.
  • Discusses importance of consistency and reminds listeners of the impact of illness.
  • Highlights importance of positive intelligence, emotional intelligence and mindset when it comes to marketing & networking.
  • Encourages competition research but not to let it impact own mindset.
  • Recommends taking regular breaks throughout the day to do PQ reps for mindfulness & time efficiency.
  • Reflects on keynote speaking at Digital Women conference in Birmingham and fire walking/arrow breaking experience with Goal Centred Development.
  • Reminds readers not to let negativity filter way through or dream stealers impact mindset and instead take control of own destiny.  She suggests researching what works best personally and not letting anyone stop own growth.