The Power Of Two

The power of two podcast is all about the importance of building relationships when it comes to networking success and how to do it.

This Networking Podcast

This Power Of Two Podcast and is about how and why building relationships is important.  It gives example of howThe Power Of Two Podcast Cover Photo and why some people get better results from networking than others.

Results come from putting the time and effort into building relationships. This networking podcast talks about how one connection can lead to so many other connections through the power of networking.

The Power Of Two

This episode is all about the power of two.

If you’re thinking about maths right now, then you’re probably thinking 1 + 1 = 2, but we’re talking about networking not maths.

Granted, I’ve never been great at maths, but I do know about the power of networking, and 1 + 1 = some much more than 2!  1 + 1 = networking success!

That one networking meeting,  one follow-up call, along with one exchange of ideas, plus one new relationship!  You can’t put a value on that! But I do know it’s worth much more than two!

We Know People

You’ll often hear me say that we know people, who know more people.

Which is why when two people meet and form a professional relationship, the power and immense potential that creates is mind blowing!

Just remember for a minute about a relationship that you’ve formed from a chance encounter, conversation or meeting and what that has brought to you and your business or career.

Have you ever had times where you’ve thought that you were just in the right place, at the right time?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you put yourself in that place.  You chose to be wherever you were when the ‘change’ encounter happened.  You did that!

Also, was it the chance encounter, or was it the relationship that followed that chance encounter that led to the outcome?

One-To-One Meetings

One of the things I always encourage my clients to do is focus on having one-to-one meetings with other people.  That might be over a coffee, online, having a walk in the park.  It’s only by getting to know each other that trust builds.  When the trust builds, so does the confidence to refer business or introduce you for that dream job.

The primary reason that most people do networking is to meet people, developing business opportunities and developing new skills. I know that when you meet people sometimes this turns into strong business relationships or even friendships.

If you think about it, none of the relationships we have, whether they be personal or professional would have happened, if there wasn’t some kind of follow-up.  A scheduled conversation or a meeting perhaps.

Having one-to-one meetings with other people is the starting point for building relationships. I know you’re busy, we all are, but believe me, it’s definitely worth taking the time, because if you don’t, you’ll be so busy meeting people that you’ll end up with lots of connections, rather than a selection of quality relationships built on mutual respect and trust, that open doors for you.   Think of the lifetime value those relationships can bring to you, your career or your business!

So, which is more important?  Connecting and knowing lots of people, or building powerful relationships?

When you have one-to-one meetings, it’s your opportunity to learn about the other person.  Ask questions.   Really get to know them, as a person, not just what they do.

You’ll be amazed how often it’s the personal aspects of our lives where the commonalities lie.

With some people you’ll hit it off with straight away, build instant rapport and others you may have to work at.  This is part of the reason, why when I’m training people, the rapport building part of my Better Networking training is often the part that has the most impact with my clients.

Networking Follow-Up

One-to-one meetings are all about networking follow-up, so that you can get to know other people.  I provide  a breakdown of what to do in a networking follow-up meeting. You can find out more about how to make one-to-one meetings work for you here in one of my networking blogs.

This podcast drives home how to maximise the power of two, so that you benefit from networking now and in the future.

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