The Power Of Two

Getting One-To-One Networking Meetings To Work For You!

Networking success comes from building one relationship at a time.  The power of two is incredible, but you have to make the time to have one-to-one networking meetings with people you meet .   It’s not the amount of people you know that matters; it’s the strength of the professional relationships that counts.  That’s what gets you results! This networking blog tells you how to maximise your time, efforts and energy by getting those one-to-one meetings right.


How To Make One to One Meetings Work For You…

One to one meetings are crucial to networking success.Two connecting jigsaw pieces to exemplify two people having a one-to-one networking meeting

Building trusting and lasting relationships must be your main focus.

This is not about selling! It’s about learning, understanding and really trying to help one-and-other.

A one-to-one meeting is when you take time to meet with someone with a view to learning more about each other, so that you can help make introductions and possibly refer business.

Here’s some tips that will help you.


Have Clear Networking Objectives

Cartoon man stepping on jigsaw pieces to an island with Objectives written on it to show how objectives can help you reach your destinationLike any other form of marketing, you need to decide exactly what it is that you want to get out of networking.

Make it clear to the person you’re having your one-to-one meeting with what you’re aiming to achieve.  It may be a definitive amount of referrals, referrals that equate to a particular monetary value or simply to make new contacts.  M

Making others aware of your clear objective(s) will go a long way to achieving them.



Just Do It

Nike had it right when they said, ‘Just Do It’! Don’t put off arranging a one to one meeting.  The meeting you have been ‘meaning’ to arrange could be the most beneficial meeting you have ever had.  You just don’t know what opportunities you could be missing out on.

Listen & UnderstandSpeak Less And Listen More

Ask lots of questions and listen intently to the person you’re having the one to one meeting with.  Show interest in them and their business.   Only then will you have a clear understanding about how to help them gain referrals.

Don’t Sell – Tell

There’s nothing worse than having a one-to-one meeting with someone who tries to sell to you.  That’s not what networking is about.  It’s about building professional relationships that are based on understanding and trust.  Make sure the other person fully understands you and your business in a way that helps them to help you get referrals.  Never try to get the other person to buy from you.  They may choose to buy from you in the future, but that’s not what your one-to-one meeting is for.

Be Honest & Authentic

People refer people they know, like and trust.  Being honest and authentic will go a long way to building a trusting relationship that may last for years. Be yourself and be genuine in what you say.

Do What You Say You Will

Don't forget to follow-up imageDuring your one-to-one meeting(s) you and the other person will identify how you can help each other.  For examples, you may decide to collaborate on projects or identify a potential referral.  As mentioned earlier, trust is crucial.  Therefore, if you say you are going to do something after the meeting – do it!  If you let someone down, any trust built may be gone forever.

Every person you meet could be the best referrer you’ve ever met.

Go on……just do it!



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