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Better Networking Groups

Tracy Heatley’s Better Networking groups are a great source of referrals.  If you’re looking to start networking, the best thing to do is visit a selection of groups, experience them for yourself.

Sometimes, when people attend a networking meeting they know instantly that it’s right for them.  It’s a little bit like buying a new house;  you will know when you’ve found the right kind of networking for you. Don’t ever feel pressured into to joining unless you’re sure it’s for you.

My Better Networking Hubs

I’ve been operating networking groups and meetings for over twenty years. The only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know the level of my expertise when it comes to helping business people, just like you, to win business through effective networking. I also train people who are networking with other networking organisations other than the ones I run.  With the right training, attitude and support, anyone can be an elite networker.  However, choosing the right networking for you is key to your networking journey.


List Of Networking Groups

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Accrington Hub

Burnley Hub

Preston Hub

Rochdale Hub

Rossendale Hub

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