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Image of fingers pointing to a networking sign to indicate networking groups are good for referralsNetworking Groups

Networking groups are a great source of referrals.  I’m not here just to tell you about my networking groups and meetings, or which networking groups to join, but I would like to give you a selection of some to choose from.

If you’re looking to start networking, the best thing to do is visit a selection of groups, experience them for yourself, then make a decision. Especially if you’re choosing a referral based networking group like BoB Clubs or BNI.

Sometimes, people attend a networking meeting and are immediately certain that’s the right one for them.  It’s a little bit like buying a new house;  you will know when you’ve found the right kind of networking for you. Don’t feel pressured into to joining unless you’re sure it’s for you. You’re investing your time, as well as your money, in networking, so choose wisely.

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I’ve been operating my UK based networking groups and meetings, in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire, since 2007. The only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know the level of my expertise when it comes to helping business people, just like you, to win business through effective networking. Also, I train people who are networking with other networking organisations other than the ones that I run.  With the right training, attitude and support, anyone can be an elite networker.  However, choosing the right networking for you is key to your networking journey.

Finding The Right  Networking GroupBolton BoB Club Online Networking Group Meeting

It is important to find the right kind of networking for you. Whilst I realise that over recent years there are many small independent networking groups that have launched, I could not possible mention them all here.  Nor could I recommend the right networking platform for you without knowing more about you and your business.  Make sure you do your own local research about networking meetings and events to join.  Ask people you know for recommendations, too.  Don’t just take their word for it, though.  Get out there and experience networking for yourself.  Whether it is online networking or face-to-face, you’ll get the idea and learn what’s right for you.

How To Find Networking Groups

In an effort to remain impartial, here’s a list of the main networking organisations that I’m familiar with, each offering a different perspective and way of doing things. If you’re already networking elsewhere, by all means contact me with those details and I’ll add them to the list to.

List Of Networking Groups

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Bolton BoB Club

Burnley BoB Club

Bury BoB Club

Lancaster BoB Club

Manchester Central BoB Club

Preston BoB Club

Ramsbottom BoB Club

Rossendale BoB Club

Whalley BoB Club 

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