One-to-One Business Networking Training

Is One-to-one Business Networking Training For You?

One-to-One Business Networking Training may be the perfect solution for you.

Generally, does the idea of networking fill you with dread? Or, overall do you find networking to be ineffective?

Nonetheless, if you are looking to grow your business, networking is one of the most cost effective  ways to do it. When it is done well, it really works! Furthermore, it can be fun.

Nevertheless, if you know this and you are still avoiding it, then my  one-to-one business networking training and mentoring will work well for you.

The tailored individual mentoring is completely bespoke, so it can be fitted exactly to specific needs business needs. Plus, the sessions can be carried out wherever suits you best. That could be at your premises, online, or even in the field!

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Who Is One-To-One Networking Training And Mentoring For?

Undoubtedly, one to one networking training and mentoring is great for those who need help with something specific or just don’t know where to start on your networking journey.

Maybe you work in a company but, as the only one who needs the training, you don’t feel the need for in-house business networking training.

Alternatively, you may be a sole trader or just setting up your company and want to learn how to build a client base with a controlled spend?

Maybe you just want to learn to network better.

Whatever your reason, my individual networking training will help you become a better networker.  Moreover, the ultimate aim is to help you gain confidence and get new customers through networking. Consequently, you will get a better return on your investment in networking.

Better Networking Training And Mentoring Will..

Better Networking training and mentoring will teach you to be a better networker.

It will show you how to build rapport, relationships and referrals to get results.

I will work with you to understand your networking pitfalls, worries and behaviours. Together, we will identify what you do that is great, and what needs some attention.

By identifying your areas for improvement, we can really tailor your individual business networking training and mentoring to get you the results you want.

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Hi, I’m Tracy! I have been running, attending, and co-ordinating networking groups since 2007. I’m a Chartered Marketer and I’ve been networking for over twenty years. I am living proof networking works! Knowing how to effectively network is a skill that can be learned.