Branding And Straplines

Branding and straplines – who gives a crap? The aim of this opener is to intrigue you and there is no offensive content in this podcast.  This podcast has been written and produced by Chartered Marketer, Tracy Heatley.

Attracting Attention

When I’m doing my networking and communications training workshops, we spend some time discussing personal brand and the power of straplines.  Both of which must reflect your business image and values.

Who Cares About Branding And Straplines?

Who cares about your branding and strapline? You and all the stakeholders within your business including staff, suppliers, strategic partners and especially your customers. So, how you communicate your ethos and approach to business must shine through your branding and strapline.

Who Gives A Crap?

When I say who gives a crap? I’m not being dismissive, rude, condescending, or arrogant.  I am referring to what I consider genius marketing of a company that I’ve recently become aware of.  You know when you see something, and you just wish you had thought of it?  Well, that’s what happened to me.

In episode 17 I was talking about what happens when marketing goes wrong. Now I’d like to focus on what happens when branding, straplines, knowing your customer and marketing messages are on point.

As a consumer, I’m becoming more aware than ever before about the environment, carbon footprint, use of plastic, recycling.  As a professional marketer, sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility, otherwise known as CSR, continue to be more important than ever. Even the Chartered Institute of Marketing, of which I’m a Fellow, has its own sustainability summit to make marketers like myself aware of recent trends and requirements.

Genius Marketing

So, imagine my delight when a new product that we ordered arrived today and made me smile and really appreciate the genius marketing.

Packaging is an important part of a product and brand. The box arrived and on the box it big letters is said, “Who gives a crap?”  Was I offended at this slightly sweary and somewhat cheeky branding?  Certainly not, I thought what brilliantly impressive branding my new toilet roll has!

About The Product

This was no ordinary toilet roll! As I unpackaged my brand-new bamboo toilet roll, I noticed that all thirty rolls where packed, like they had been gift wrapped in beautiful, recycled paper just for me. Now, I know this isn’t the case, you they were packaged so nice, I could have bought them from a boutique gift shop.Toile Roll Who Gives A Crap Normal Packaging

The care and attention of the product, the customer experience and care for the planet was clear. As I read the label that assured me that my new toilet rolls were 100% bamboo, which grows and replenishes far quicker than trees. This product care about sustainability, the environment, and our beautiful planet.

What’s also clear is that 50% of profits is donated to help build toilets for people living in parts of the world that don’t already have them.  Giving me, as the consumer a feeling like I’m contributing to this.  Also, the company is communicating that they are an ethical company that wants to give back to the world and pay something forward to others, which gave me reassurance that I’m purchasing a product from a reputable company.

Clever Labelling

Cheekily, the label also says, please do more ones than twos! A funny way of encouraging customers to use less sheets. On the other side, the Who Gives A Crap Premium branding gives a sense that this is a high-end product. Yes, clearly, even toilet roll can make you feel special.Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll Clever Labelling

Here comes the best bit! This is the bit that I’m sure every marketer on the planet wishes they had thought of this.  This is absolute genius! Within all the toilet rolls that are individually gift wrapped in black and white paper, there is one roll that is gift wrapped in gold paper.   The label on it reads, In case of emergency tear open wrapper. But don’t be that person who forgets to order more.  Seriously, there’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper.  Nothing.

Re-order at

If I’d have told you at the beginning of this podcast that I’d be talking about toilet roll, would you have still been listening? Who would have thought that toilet roll could be so interesting?

Why I’ve Shared This Branding Story

My point is that no matter what your product of service is, if you understand your customer, target the right customers, and get your branding and straplines spot on, like this company has, you will be able to communicate to your customers what makes your different and why they should buy from you.

There were so many times throughout the experience of purchasing this product, it is arriving and the excitement of opening the package and being Wowed! It’s toilet roll!  Regardless of the product of service your supplying, you can wow your customers too! The success of this product and the whole customer experience is all down to having the right strategy, branding and strapline.

Who gives a crap……I do, and you should too!

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