Are You A Workaholic?

Or Just Passionate About Your Business?


My name is Tracy and…….I may be a workaholic!  I can totally relate to this image!  Can you?



What exactly is a workaholic anyway?

According to this National Workaholic website, workaholics have anxiety, work is their number one priority, they don’t have a social life, they won’t admit it is a problem and they’re unhappy!

Does that mean if you work hard then you’re a work-driven ogre, who doesn’t care about anything other than work?  I don’t think so!

Work Is Fun!

When you love what you do, especially if it’s your own business, then working late or at the weekend is perfectly normal.  The excitement of new ideas and future business plans is inspiring.  Which is why I’m at my desk writing this blog on a Sunday afternoon!

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the importance of family, healthy relationships, exercise and having a social life.  I have and do all those things too!  I guess it’s all about balance.  Perhaps work-life balance is different for each of us!

I’ve learned the importance of relaxing over the years.  Honestly, I have! To be honest, though, I love to write, I enjoy business planning, marketing motivates me, and I absolutely love what I do.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always coming up with new ideas about how to drive my business forward.  I just can’t help myself!

My mum always says that I need an off switch, and she may be right.  However, for as long as I’m this passionate about business and networking, then I’ll continue to work hard to achieve my goals!

Like most people, I do watch a little bit of TV in the evenings.  I love a good thriller or a crime series, but when I think of the TV as an ‘income reducer’, it quickly helps me limit the amount I watch.  Besides, there’s so much more fun work stuff to do!

Exciting Times Ahead!

I have so many exciting things coming up and goals to achieve, with Better Networking and my BoB Clubs networking groups, that I can barely sleep, let alone relax!

Speaking of goals – what are your business goals?  Have you thought about exactly what it is that you want to achieve from your networking activities?  Or, are you just getting started with networking?

I’ll be launching my new podcast within the next few weeks, and my head is spinning with ideas on which one to launch first and future topics to cover.  I delayed the launch of my podcast due to the Pandemic, but now is the perfect time.  Feel free to have a little listen to my podcast trailer.

I think the ‘power of networking objectives’ is going to be the first topic of my podcast series.  Each podcast will be a building block to successful networking. That way, if you’ve been networking for years, you can reassess where you go from here. If you’re new to networking, then you will be on the right path from the start.

By all means , if you have a particular topic that you would like me to cover, then leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to do a podcast to suit you.

Feel free to contact me, if you would like to know when my networking and communications podcast launches and I’ll keep you posted!

One Final Question!

Go on, tell me…….are you a workaholic or are you just simply full of passion for your business and  love what you do?

I think I just love what I do that I forget to stop working! What’s you excuse?


Written by networking and marketing expert Tracy Heatley


Workaholic, Tracy Heatley