Better Networking Podcast Trailer Produced December 2019

Better Networking – How To Be A Networking Ninja Podcast

The Better Networking How To Be A Networking Ninja Podcast Cover Photo

Better Networking Podcast

There are so many business owners and professional that are thrown in at the deep end with networking, without acquiring the networking skills to get results. This is why Tracy introduces her brand new podcast that goes live in November 2020.

In this trailer, what you can expect and who it will help will be revealed.  There’s also details of a fabulous free prize draw just to get you started.

Whether you’ve been networking for years or it’s new to you, this podcast will help you improve your networking skills.   There’s networking and then there’s networking and communicating with impact to get the right results.

Tracy will guide you through the process of where to start, so that you will know how, when and where to network in order to meet the right people. .It will help you to understand and define your ideal customer, because this will help other people understand how they can help you get referrals and introduce you to potential customers.

Once you know who your ideal customer are, you’ll learn different relationship routes to reaching out to your dream customers. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to connect with your target market.

You’ll learn little networking nuggets on an on-going basis that will make a massive impact.

This podcast will help you hone your communication skills and you’re bound to have a few aha moments along the way.

Feel free to share this trailer with the people you know. so that Tracy can reach out to them and share her networking know-how with more people.

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