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Succeeding as a Voice Over Artist came naturally to Alan Irving…


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Voice Over Artist Alan Irving

Voice Over Artist, Alan Irving, went from warehouse management to succeeding as a Voice Over Artist.   Alan is proof that if you follow your dreams it can pay off.  Having lived in the South of England all his life, he now lives in the heart of Lancashire, with his family.


Radio Interview With Alan IrvingAlan Irving In Action

This Real Life Radio interview reveals the truth behind Alan’s achievements and how he has succeeded.  Plus, the challenges he’s faced along the way.  There’s so much more to the Voice Over industry than you might think.  I certainly learned a lot! From computer games to audio books, find out how it all works right here.

This interview is a definitely for those who would love to learn more about the Voice Over markets and how to succeed.  It’s also a great opportunity to learn from an inspirational guy who took a leap of faith.  If you like business success stories and you would like to learn more about Alan’s story, it’s all here.  Along with his three top songs!


Tracy’s Thoughts

What a fab interview! I do love to learn new things, and I learned a lot about the day in the life of a Voice Over Artist.  There’s so much more to it than I realised.  Naturally, I love to hear success stories, but even more so when someone has taken the plunge to follow their desires!

Fair play to you, Alan Irving!  I’m absolutely thrilled that this business man is thriving! Quite right too! I enjoyed every minute of this Mind Your Own radio interview.

I’ll be sticking to radio shows, networking training and running my networking groups though!

It was an absolute pleasure!

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Tracy Heatley