Your First Aid Kit With James Goulding

Your First Aid Kit With James Goulding is about how James has established and developed Binary Plus Training. This Mind Your Own Business Real Life Radio interview shares James’ business story.

James Goulding from Binary Plus Training on Real Life Radio with Tracy Heatley


About James Goulding

Here’s more about James Goulding, from Binary Plus Training.

As a qualified teacher who has a passion to help people learn and develop, James makes an outstanding first aid trainer.  Struggling to find the teaching job of his dreams, James re-trained many years ago, as a first aid trainer, and has become exceptional in his field.  His down to earth training approach, makes him the ideal first aid trainer for business owners and their employees.

James emphasises the fact that he wants to create first aiders, not just first aid certificates, which really highlights his results driven approach.  It’s not just about fulfilling the legal requirements that businesses need when it comes to first aid certification.  James understands how those first aid skills can save lives and deal with injuries quickly.

As a father himself, he gets the importance of paediatric first aid care too. James is very driven when it comes to business, but a people centred approach is very important to him. It’s clear that’s what matters most to James.


Binary Plus Training Logo For The Radio Interview With Tracy Heatley

Binary Plus Training

Binary Plus Training operates from a modern training facility, in Bacup Lancashire.  Whilst Binary Plus launched in 2014, the new training centre didn’t open until March 2020.  Can you believe it?  Right before the pandemic forced lockdowns.  During the interview, James talks openly about the challenges of dealing with the consequences of the pandemic. He discusses the future plans and how despite set backs, the business is set for growth.

The company has new marketing plans and James Goulding has recently launched a brand new podcast, Your First Aid Kit! This is definitely worth a listen!

Tracy’s Thoughts

We all know that you have to have a business mindset to succeed in business.  However, James is living proof that focusing on what’s right for the customer and caring about people matters most.  Yes, he will succeed in business, but it will never be at the expense of quality training or making sure than his customers are more than qualified to administer first aid.  I love the slogan, making your first aid our first priority.

We discuss family and work life balance, but we get to know more about Binary Plus Training too.  The range of services is phenomenal and I particularly love James’ desire to help with suicide awareness, too. This interview is a must listen for anyone who wants to know more about getting a business through challenging times.  Going from survival to growth is admirable!

This is a cracking interview that outlines the fundamentals of flexibility, positive mindset and going for your goals.

My three words to sum up this interview are fabulous, fun and fruitful!



Very Best Wishes,

Tracy Heatley

Tracy Heatley in her studio interviewing James Goulding from Binary Plus Training