The date on a calendar marked for World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

In honour of World Poetry Day, this networking poem is for you.

Since I was a child, I’ve loved to write poems, because I could have fun with words.  It’s just one of those things that seems like second nature, so it would be rude to miss this opportunity.


My Networking Poem

Networking’s definitely your best bet

If it’s new business that you’re trying to get

It’s not just about meeting someone new

It’s about all the other things that you do

Creating relationships to build trust

If you want referrals it’s a must

It’s all about helping others to grow

Referring them to people who you know

It’s having fun and learning to relate

To lots of other people who think you’re great

It’s about having your time to shine

To be outstanding and in your prime

It’s all about the give and take

Think of the friendships that you’ll make

It’s so much more than sales and that’s a fact

Especially when you take the time to interact

To oversell is self-destruction

So ditch the pitch and just ask for an introduction

They say that you reap what you sow

This is true about networking that much I know

Put out there what you want to attract

Watch and see how others react

Be positive and be upbeat

No one wants to be in the negative seat

Just be yourself and you’ll be just fine

All it takes is consistency and time

Embrace it in the here and now

Success will come and this is how

As you get to know your networking peers

You will abandon any networking fears

Try these and if you’re still stuck

By all means get in touch

Helping you get results is what I do

When it comes to networking I’ve got you!


Written By Tracy Heatley

On World Poetry Day

21st March 2021


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Tracy Heatley scratching her head thinking about writing her networking poem