Netwalking Is Networking Podcast

Netwalking is Networking podcast is all about the power of being able to walk and talk to build relationships.

What Is Netwalking?

Netwalking is a phrase that’s fairly new to most.  During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I advised my BoB Clubs North West members to start Netwalking to keep in touch.   When restrictions reduced, we were able to meet outside with another person, and so the Networking Phenomenon began. Netwalking Is Networking Podcast Cover

Personally, I found walking and talking very therapeutic, interesting and I learned a lot about new ways of helping other people get referrals.  Essentially, it’s having a one-to-one meeting on on the go.

You may find this guest blog about how one of my BoB Clubs North West members found it useful and profitable to go Netwalking.

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Enjoy this Netwalking Is Networking podcast! Tracy Heatley recording her netwalking is networking podcast