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So Many Things To Write About

Nowadays, there are so many things that businesses need to write about; that it is often difficult to fit the time in to do everything. Small business owners often feel they have to do everything themselves, but that is not the case, and copywriting is no exception.

As a copywriter myself, I see plenty of clients who do not think of their overall marketing strategy when thinking of hiring a copywriter. They worry about cost, or the value and do not think of the benefits.

So, considering that, here are my top 10 benefits of hiring a copywriter.


Outsourcing content will free you and your team up

Outsourcing content will free you and your team up massively. Being able to outsource (and pay for that!) is a hugely beneficial part of being a business owner. It makes sense to hire another business or freelancer to do the things you don’t have time for. Professional copywriters are there to give you and your team the freedom to do what you need to do – working on the business, helping customers and other day-to-day tasks.

Copywriters can help with new ideas for your business

Copywriters can help with new ideas for your business, because we are creatives. We are always happy for you to use our knowledge and expertise to come up with new creative ways to market your brand/product or services.

We’ll even help you bounce ideas between you and your team.  Or, we workshop together to see how any new ideas would work within the current strategy and budget.

Copywriters are cost-effective

Copywrites are cost effective, because we save you time and money. That’s right! Copywriters are an investment, but you’ll also make a return on that investment, and it’ll be worth it. Make sure you have a budget in mind and do some research into the type of copywriter you want. Different copywriters might not do everything you need, so make sure you’re prepared to either hire a couple of copywriters or put in some research into finding the one who does everything you need.

Looking at content mills and freelancer platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour will not get you value for money, and you might end up spending more money to fix any mistakes.

Consistent Tone of Voice

Consistent tone of voice if crucial.  I talk a lot about tone of voice,  because it is so important! This consistency means that blogs, articles, case studies etc are always in the same style, regardless of who is writing the content. Tone of voice is not just friendly and professional; it goes much deeper than that. It has to make you stand out from competitors, make you an authority in your field and appeal to people in your target audience. Think of brands that you like, and you’ll see how different they all are—not everyone will be like Innocent—but you can stand out with your own unique tone of voice.

Some copywriters will also work with you on your tone of voice and branding, which is invaluable, as they are the best people to write for you.

Helping with SEO

Copywriting is excellent for helping with SEO.  We all know that SEO is a tricky beast. It can change on a whim and just when you think you know it, it’s changed again. Having someone in your corner that can write for SEO and knows a little more than the basics will always be beneficial. Most copywriters are not SEO specialists, but they will write SEO-optimised posts, so will be up to speed on what is going on.  Plus, they can do basic keyword research. Personally, I would make sure you also have an SEO agency on hand as they work well together.

Copywriters Don’t Need To Be An Expert In Your Field

Copywriters don’t need to an expert in your field.  They are experts at writing, grammar, and all things language. You are an expert in your business. A copywriter is writing for your audience, not you, so they don’t need to know all the ins and outs like you do. They need to write clear, concise copy that is engaging.

For example, I work with some accountants, but I have no experience in this field. I write the posts in a way that I can understand, meaning their target audience is more likely to understand it as well.

Copywriters Write For A Living

Copywriters write for a living, so they can engage with your audience and covert them into clients. They are constantly honing their craft to make sure you get the right results from the copy. The professionals  know what to say to make your audience become a client. They can make even the most mundane thing sound exciting and help your clients decide on a purchase.

Copywriting professional are also trying to write copy that your audience loves to read, regardless of the topic. They come to your site or blog for more information, because the content is engaging.

Copywriters are valuable

Copywriters are valuable and an excellent resource. Hiring someone who can write engaging, jargon-free copy which then encourages readers to buy from you or become clients is valuable. The impact a copywriter can have on your business is something that shouldn’t be dismissed. ROI on a post is something that is also trackable, so you can physically see the results of blogs, social media posts and website copy.

I think every business should have a copywriter in their corner. Being able to write great copy is a skill that copywriters are always working on. We never stop learning from each other, our clients or businesses we want to work with.

Flexibility for your business

Flexibility for your business is important. so we can be there as and when you need us. Copywriter’s love having retainer clients for security, but ad hoc projects and one-off clients are fun, and usually quick to put in the diary.

Having the flexibility of knowing you have a copywriter that you can call on for a case study, newsletter, or one-off article is invaluable to your business. If you’ve worked with them before, you can simply drop them a message or call them to check on their availability. It saves you time looking for someone every time or writing the document yourself.

It also means that you’re not paying money for a service that you don’t necessarily need every month.

Copywriters are human

Copywriters are human! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming more popular in the digital age.   However, it has a long way to go before it can take over copywriters. We are human, and will make your business sound human, with interesting copy that sells or informs. Our first draft may not be perfect, but that’s why you get rounds of edits so we can work with you to get the copy you deserve and have paid for.

When you hire a copywriter, you’re also getting a researcher, a grammar expert and a proofreader. Not only that, you’re getting someone who can help with marketing ideas, tone of voice, different types of content and with a wide range of other freelancers they work with, you’ll also have other collaborations that you can do.

Copywriters are constantly honing their craft; you are paying for their expertise and what they can deliver.

Hiring a copywriter doesn’t have to be difficult, or stressful, but it takes time and you should try to speak to three or four before hiring to get someone who is a good fit for you and your brand.

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Tracy Heatley’s Thoughts

Tracy Heatley’s thoughts on this are that Gina Jackson has done of remarkable job of highlighting the key benefits of using a copywriter.

Personally, I love to write, especially when it comes to writing my blogs and web content.  However, when it comes to writing press releases and news articles about me and my businesses, I struggle.

It can be daunting, can’t it, when you’re faced with writing about yourself and having to ‘big yourself up’?  Even when you’re a marketing professional like me.  Often, the best thing you can do  is leave it to the professionals!Tracy Heatley writing down her thoughts

I’d say that it’s okay to write some things yourself and use a professional copywriter for other things.

Speaking from experience, because I’ve used Gina Jackson’s services, I’d highly recommend Write Here Right Now to anyone looking for a copywriter.  If you’re unsure, have an informal chat with Gina and take it from there.

No one is suggesting that you start outsourcing all your copywriting immediately. But, a little bit of support can go a long way to giving you the freedom of time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Gina again in the future. She got my copy right first time!

If you would like to find out more about Gina Jackson and her business, here is her Mind Your Own Business radio interview with me.  She shares her business story and gives some cracking advice for new start-ups.

Thanks, Gina, for this fabulous guest bog!  I really appreciate your time, input and guidance.  I’ve taken lots of notes and value from this.

If you would like help with your marketing or networking contact me directly by enquiring here and I’ll be happy to help.

If you would like to know more about the  BoB Club networking group where Gina and I met, all the information you need is right here.

I hope you enjoyed this guest blog.

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